Sunday, January 24, 2010

Scunthorpe ratings

Taylor - Made one superb save at 2-1. A confident display. 7

Onouha - Fitted in well on the right hand side. Took his goal nicely. 7

Boyata - Calm and composed display. Shows real promise. 7.5

Kompany - Solid and assured at the back leading a makeshift line-up. 7.5

Sylvinho - Adept both at the back and midfield. Stunning strike for his goal. 7

Ireland - Some nice touches and creativity on his return to the side. 7

de Jong - Typical display before being withdrawn at the half. 7

Ibrahim - Very impressive debut. Fit well into the side and plenty of confidence. 7.5

Petrov - Always dangerous and our most attacking outlet. 8

Benjani - Struggled to make an impact. 6

Robinho - Better as the game went on but looked out of touch. 6.5


Cunningham - An early booking but played well. 6.5

Zabaleta - Filled in well when introduced. 6.5

Bellamy - Too late to mark. n/a

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Justin said...

Gotta love the fact that you gave Robinho a 6.5, despite scoring a beautiful goal, setting up Petrov and had showed more spirit than he did in the 5 minutes he usually gets to play in the matches he does get to play. Did you notice he scored the goal away from home even?

Stop downrating Robinho for the sake of downrating. He played well and it is obvious his confidence is growing.

Daniel Pugsley said...

Not a case of downrating him at all, and I've been a big backer of his.

I thought he played ok, nothing more. He did grow in confidence as the game wore on but was wasteful in the first half.

I think 6.5 was a fair rating.

Unknown said...

I agree with Justin, you gave Ibrahim, who had a good debut, a 7.5. He was hardly better than De Jong, and he hardly impacted the game more than Robinho.

Angamoss said...

I loved this game! Scunthorpe was great this day, and for me - a supporter from Poland - match was great!
IMHO your raiting is fair. best regards :)

Justin said...

Danny, in the first half, the entire team played poor.
Aside from that, Benjani, who maybe touched the ball twice the entire match, got only .5 points lower than Robinho, who scored a goal and made an assist.
I'm sorry, but that rating isn't fair, considering Ibrahim and Cunningham got a higher rating when they themselves weren't better than Robinho this match.

Although, it is a matter of personal opinion. I agree with the majority, just not with Robinho's in contrast with the ones I mentioned above.