Sunday, January 24, 2010

Robinho to depart?

That is the suggestion being made in the wake of these comments made to a Brazilian radio station over the weekend:
"The whole board of directors [at City] has decided that the best thing is to loan me out," Robinho said. "It would be extraordinary to come back to Santos. Playing for Santos would help pave my way to the World Cup. It's my home, where I know everyone."

"The first thing to say is that it is a bad moment I am going through," Robinho told RĂ¡dio Bandeirantes in Brazil. "The managers are different here. They decide a system and want you to fit in and it doesn't matter if you're tall or short. The manager was honest with me. He told me I was just going to play every other game. I told him that wouldn't interest me because this is a World Cup year and I need to play."
The Guardian very much continues this theme in their match report, suggesting the game as a farewell for Robinho.

Post match, Roberto Mancini was very non-commital over Robinho's future, even when directly questioned, and perhaps played on the language barrier a little in evading a response as to whether the Brazilian was leaving.

With a week to go until the transfer window closes, it is looking a distinct possibility that he will depart (albeit on loan), although for me, there was enough today at Scunthorpe to suggest he can be factor for us over the remainder of the season, but the issue of how much playing time he will get with us could well be the deciding factor.

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LL said...

What people have not been factoring in the equation is that ROBINHO is still relatively coming back from injury. He hasn't played all season so he is only beginning to find his form. Players like ROBINHO not only need playing time, they also need the ball at their feet constantly and the tactical freedom to move around instinctively, which is why ultimately the Premiership was never going to be a good fit.