Thursday, December 03, 2009

Arsenal ratings

Given - Little to do but always well positioned. 6

Richards - Strong in the tackle and purposeful going forward. 7

Bridge - One of his better games of late. Offered much going forward. 7

Toure - Controlled things at the back and distributed well. 7

Lescott - Impressive performance. Strong and decisive, offered nothing to Arsenal. 8

Wright-Phillips - Best game since re-joining. A constant threat and end product was there. 9

Ireland - Some nice touches but doesn't look comfortable in the formation. 6.5

Barry - A return to form in what was a big ask without de Jong alongside him. 7.5

Bellamy - Plenty of spark and creativity. 7

Tevez - Tremendous work rate and ran Arsenal ragged. Quality finish. 7.5

Adebayor - Offered plenty of endeavour but no real goal threat. 6.5


Kompany - Pleased to see him on and solidified the midfield well. 6.5

Weiss - A nice cameo. A little over anxious but took the goal well. 6.5

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Anonymous said...

I think Bellamy deserved a higher rating: did all the things that make him a top player. Harried, got under the skin of their defence, and always looking for the best option.