Friday, January 02, 2009

Bridge fee agreed

Confirmation from Mark Hughes that an undisclosed fee has been agreed with Chelsea, with just personal terms to be agreed:

"My understanding is the clubs have agreed a fee. We need to speak to the boy and try to agree personal terms.

"If we can do that hopefully Wayne will be a Manchester City player, that's the aim.

"Wayne will probably travel to Manchester this evening and hopefully negotiations will go well and he can have a medical tomorrow."

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Anonymous said...

Can't help feeling that MH is patching up with expensive has-beens, if the media reports on Bellamy, Parker, Senna and Santa are all true. To a certain extent so is Bridge. I'd settle for the experience of Given.... but Bellamy spells trouble and Santa seems to be in and out these days. Parker never really regained the level of his Charlton days. Senna is expiring. I'm not to happy with what I'm reading.