Thursday, March 06, 2008

Bitter and Blue fantasy league update

It's been a while I know since I posted an update up on the league standings, so apologies there, but since I last did, things have tightened up an awful lot at the top and a massive week for clarkywarky has seen Hose's Blumers lead at the top cut to under 100 points.

The top five also sees a change as AusCam returns to the leaderboard, whilst Ritchie's Gambit is a newcomer amongst the leading pack.

The full table is at the following link, or at the right hand side of this page, whislt the top five is as follows:

Hose's Blumers (Joseph Millar) week 89 total 3772
I've had my fill, my share of losing (clarkywarky) week 189 total 3674
Big Tackle (AusCam) week 157 total 3595
Ritchie's Gambit (Ritchie's Gambit) week 193 total 3343
Sven's Blue (ali_rainsbury) week 99 total 3340

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