Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Trio enter Hall of Fame

NEIL YOUNG, Alex Williams and Fred Tilson last night
became the latest men inducted into City's Hall of Fame.Around 400 guests
attended the black tie gala dinner sponsored by MEN Media and held at the City
of Manchester Stadium.The evening was built around a tribute to the Blues'
hugely successful Academy which is celebrating its tenth


Whilst I can't profess to be knowledgeable on the merits of Tilson, the induction both Young and Williams is a deserved honour, with Young perhaps suffering a little over the years in the shadow of Bell-Lee-Summerbee, but given the importance he had to the side (not to mention the crucial goals he delivered in big games) it is right he takes he place in the Hall.

Williams, whilst enjoying a modest career on the pitch at the club, has been a stellar contributor to the clubs off-field development - and of course his award of the MBE is testament to this, and he was named as the Lifetime Achievement Award in this years crop of inductees.

Tilson scored132 in all competitions which puts him in eighth place in the all-time list and he was elected to the Hall in the pre-1950s category to honour those players who perhaps do not garner quite the publicity as the more modern day players get.

The full roll of honour of all inductees since the Hall was created in 2004 can be found at the official club website.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see your write up on the big do was more factually correct than the MENs Chris Bailey's article.
I think he had too much wine, after all, mixing Michael Johnson up with Micah Richards is one thing, but to call Colin Bell Franny Lee is outrageous.
I've often wondered whether I was at the same match as Chris Bailey, now I know that I am, but he's just not paying any attention to what's going on!