Friday, October 26, 2007

More pearls of wisdom from Joey Barton

Joey Barton has ripped into Manchester City, insisting his
former club will soon prove him right in moving to Newcastle.
Barton left
Eastlands in order to seek success elsewhere, but it is Sven Goran Eriksson’s
revamped squad who are flying high above The Magpies in third place.
controversial midfielder is confident that trend will not continue though,
insisting things are about to come crashing down around a lifeless City dressing
“Sometimes you’d walk in and you could hear a pin drop,” Barton told
The Daily Star.
“It’s lost a lot of characters like Robbie Fowler, Andy
Cole, Ben Thatcher, Nicky Weaver and myself.
“I speak to people still there
and they tell me they have so many languages, there’s no banter now.
well as they’re doing right now, it’s only a matter of time before it comes
slamming to a halt unless they address that.
“(In the Newcastle dressing
room) if anyone speaks talking French or something the gaffer shouts ‘speak
effin English, I don’t want any of that foreign s**t in my dressing

-Setanta Sports

Looking back, it seems remarkable that Barton left the club with a large portion of fans feeling quite sad about the whole issue and that he had to left, but from the couple of times he has opened his mouth since leaving, he has surely used up any goodwill that was there.

These latest comments are just plain ridiculous.

I know what kind of dressing room I would prefer at the club, and it involves young, hungry players who want to achieve things and win trophies as opposed to the 'characters likes Robbie Fowler, Andy Cole, Ben Thatcher, Nicky weaver and myself' whose team bonding antics of the past left a lot to be desired.

As for 'banter', I'm sure examples such as using Ousmane Dabo's head for shooting practics and calling your team mates out following a geam was condusive to 'banter' and fostering team spirit.

I think the fact that the interview first appeared in The Daily Star says it all, but a word of advice for Joey - you engineered a move away from the club so do not think you have a right to be able to comment on the goings on this season as you are no part of the success we are currently enjoying.

As for the comments regarding Allardyce's approach in the dressing room - that speaks volumes in itself and we can be thankful that he never made it as our manager.

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Anonymous said...

I'm gutted that Fowler, Cole, Thatcher, Weaver and Barton aren't all going to be in our starting line-up on Saturday. Anyway, they've all moved on to better things at clubs well above us, so no use crying over spilt milk.

Anonymous said...

I was furious when City sold our leading goalscorer with nobody to replace him. Now I can see exactly why they had to get rid as soon as possible. What possible benefits does Joey think he's going to gain from these comments? Make Newcastle play better? Hah!! Make City play worse? I should think that when they hear this stuff, they'll be even more determined to go for the Premiership title.

The man is deeply disturbed. (Newcastle players - he's OK as long as you never ever make eye contact!)

Best of luck Sam - if anybody ever needed it, you do...

Anonymous said...

Well done just made your new manager sound like a right prick..a racist one at that.