Friday, September 21, 2007

Hamman to appear in court

Manchester City midfielder Dietmar Hamann will appear in
court next month to learn his fate over a series of driving charges.
34-year-old German was due before magistrates in Macclesfield on Thursday after
being convicted earlier this month of careless driving, failing to stop after an
accident, failing to supply information to police and failing to report an
Hamann, of Alderley Edge, Cheshire, crashed his £70,000 Porsche
Carrera into a fence in Styal, near Manchester Airport, in October last year.
He fled and was found by police a mile and a half away and, although an
officer told the court at a previous hearing that the player's breath smelled of
alcohol, he was not breathalysed.
The hearing was adjourned because the
former Liverpool player's solicitor was not available and magistrates were stuck
in traffic.

Nice to see Hamman following in the time honoured footballer tradition of scarpering whenever you crash your car!

Well done too to the policeman who thought his 'breath smelled of alcohol' but then didn't breathalyse him. I wish the police would exercise the same efficiency when dealing with my speeding tickets or deciding to pull me over.

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