Friday, September 21, 2007

Fulham prediction

A game that in our current position we should be expected to win. Fulham have undergone somewhat of a transition over the summer with new manager Lawrie Sanchez clearing out some of the old guard and seemingly re-creating his Northern Ireland side at Craven Cottage.

Whilst they are undefeated in three games (in all competitions), they have managed to throw away eleven points from winning positions this season - largely the reason they hover above the relegation zone at present.

Recent history shows us doing the double over them last season, whilst they 'doubled' us the year before. Fulham have averaged plenty of goals in their games this season, whilst in ours you may as well blow for full time once the first goal goes in.

We bounced back well at home last week, and will look to avoid a third away defeat on the spin. Despite not managing a score draw for a little while I'm going to take this game to be 1-1, with Fulham getting a late equaliser.

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Wigan Blue said...

Well, I suppose I can't complain about articles like this anonymous posters, as I spout shit most of the time. With a couple of our black players the best in the country at the moment at different levels, I think you can definitely put me down as a 'No' you sad arsehole. To change the subject:

Anyone else have misgivings about how our defence is turning out? Last season we had Ball, Distin. Dunne and Richards. Solid as a rock, with Richards powering forwards up the right wing to give us what was normally our only attacking option.

Nedum has moved inside for the England U21's with huge success. Micah has been powering up the wing for England with equal success. And yet, Nedum has been left out of the team, and Micah has been moved to the middle.

Why not put Nedum in the middle with the Dunnymonster, and leave Micah on the right where he's far more effective? OK saying Micah's one of the best stoppers in the league, but we're losing out on most of his potential.