Saturday, July 07, 2007

Sven-Goran Eriksson Announced as Manchester City Manager

You wait for one announcement and along come two.

The club have announced Sven as the new manager on their website, pre-empting the press conference by twenty minutes in the process.

Sven (from

Welcome to Frankie and Svennies !

UPDATE- Some audio of Sven's press conference can be found here and here, whilst the official club site presents us with Sven's 'top ten facts'.

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Anonymous said...

Sven. My advice is: leave the diamond alone. Go 4-4-2 and we will sing you up that league!

What price front row seats, second tier, centre section, Colin Bell stand now ?? (Nancy's cleavage!!)

Anonymous said...

good bye to the"old "City as we enter a new era.Signings galore,calm and controlled management from the touchline- although Ishould imagine SGE will sit in the stands.

Anonymous said...

Sven says: "I want to be judged on football results, on tactics and formations. Nothing else."

Good grief - we're not only going to have tactics, but a formation too. I'd forgotten what a formation was!