Sunday, July 08, 2007

Potential Transfer Targets

Here's hoping Eastlands is well stocked with chastity belts given Sven's for an overview of the latest potential transfer targets:

YAKUBU: would seemingly be an ideal fit due to his talent, size, and our desperate need for quality strikers...his commitment level is a concern...very inconsistent.

ALAN SMITH: his ability to play multiple forward positions would be great for City...could we stand to do business with the evil empire though?

SHAUN WRIGHT-PHILIPPS: its a shame he ever left in the first place...was never effectively replaced at City.

FREDDIE LJUNDBERG: is past his prime and should stick to underwear modeling at this point...when was the last time Freddie did anything for Arsenal?

CHRISTIAN WILHELMSSON: am concerned about Sven showing a Swedish bias here (such as what we see with Benitez at Liverpool)...seems quality on paper though...27 year old winger for Nantes recently on loan to Roma.

ROQUE SANTA CRUZ: talented 25 year old Bayern Munich striker...not impressed with form at World Cup last year for Paraguay however.

ZOLTAN GERA: attacking Hungarian midfielder who has been with West Brom since 2004...can play the striker role, but is better suited as a right midfielder. Has struggled with fitness issues, and underwent a hernia operation in late 2005.

PAUL KONCHESKY: not sure why we would be looking for backline help at this time given the dire midfield/strike force situation.


Jermain DeFoe
David Nugent
Marlon Harewood
Kevin Phillips


Michael Owen
Nicolas Anelka

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Anonymous said...

cisse will sign before friday you missed that one

Anonymous said...

I've a feeling it's a case of Sven or SWP, and we have Sven. Sven was reluctant to use SWP for England when SWP was at his best for City, seemingly afraid that he would take Beckscum's place in the side for good. And then there were the things SWP's father said about Sven at the time of the World Cup.

Anonymous said...

... Huntelaar,Saviola,Drenthe(?)
Riequelme /Alves....Nugent,Gera(perhaps) Henrik LARSSSON (strikers coach plus player) do not forget that we the Cassel academy is stll producing-Sturridge/Evans/Ethuhu.....

Anonymous said...

Drifting off topic a little, 'The Times' has just published an article concerning Owen Hargreaves' transfer to the scum, Hargreaves actually made some positive noises about Sven's support over the years (and I have to say that the boy was actually a breath of fresh air in the England team - he didn't walk out of the the England hotel after breakfast in the morning looking totally knackered like the other prats).

I posted a comment to the effect that this was the only (semi) positive comment that the Times had made about City all summer. Seems to have got lost in the post again.

Even more worrying is the totally negative attitude displayed towards City by the Guardian. Now, old f@rt that I am, I still think of that newspaper as the 'Manchester' Guardian (which is where it started out). Nowadays their sports coverage is all 'top four'. Everything they've written about City has a distinctively negatave bias (and this was before Frankie was even mentioned.

Think this is going to be the shape of things to come boys and girls. It's the City supporters against the vested interests. Let's see if we can make them eat crow!

weenie said...

Well, Sven's surprised people with his first signing, Rolando Bianchi
who was 4th top-scorer in Serie A last season.

A shame that the Italian Media are tipping Bianchi to be another Corradi...

Anonymous said...

Down to Sven to ensure that he doesn't Weenie!

The general consensus is that Samaras started out like a train and had all the flair coached out of him after a week or two.

Corradi never showed any flair all the time he was playing. He looked the part, pushing and harrying, but every time he got the ball in the area he shot wide or fell over.

Sven must have watched all the videos of City last season - probably sticking his fingers down his throat at times at how bad it was. If you have any sort of a striker, they need supply. We just didn't have any last season except for the few games when Tricky Trev was fit and on form.

Bianchi is our man now. If Sven supports him, we'll support him.