Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hull reaction

For me, Norfstander has rapidly become one of the 'must read' City opinions in the blogosphere and he has an excellent post up at the moment as a reaction to some of the opinion and comment that eminated in the wake of yesterday's draw.

The morning's press line is very much of the Hughes is on borrowed time, with the 'Hughes out' commentators very much in force over at the MEN, but he makes a very good point with regards to the fact that it isn't simply a case of blindly supporting Hughes but looking at the bigger (and more long term) future:

What they don't seem to understand is that there are huge expanses of middle ground. Those of us pointing out that even the suggestion of a change at the top is reactionary and daft see Hughes' flaws, that's always been the case, and we all agree that what we're getting at the minute isn't good enough. None of us blindly defend the manager for the sake of doing so, we've just seen where these sort of decisions have gotten us in the past, and believe in giving whoever is in charge a fair crack of the whip.
Yesterday's game marked the third point mark of the season. Of course, seven draws on the spin is frustrating - moreso than disappointing I would argue. Yet we still sit in sixth place, and this season has seen our most consistent set of league placings for many years. There is also the very real possibility of progressing through to the semi-final of the Carling Cup this coming week.

The money that has been pumped into the club has of course raised expectation levels, but without an acceptance that progression does take time. Overnight success is rarely attained, and if it is, it is often built on no foundation or basis.

Hughes and ADUG have been in tandem at the club for some sixteen months now. The progress that has been made both on and off the pitch is evident all around the club. Everything we have heard from the ownership suggests they have an aim of where they want the club to be, and equally have a structured plan in place for how this is to be achieved.

I would suggest that in terms of progression on the pitch during 2009/10, we are at least hitting the expectations laid out at the start of the season. If anything, the early season results raised hopes unrealistically.

Short term solutions are very easy to identify with, the long term approach less so but I think it is clear that we are on the right path.

The frustration of recent weeks should not deviate from that.

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Thorn in the Side said...

18 months and the best part of 200 million is enough of a chance. We had the best opportunity ever this season to kinck 4th and we have blown it under Hughes.

Anonymous said...

i think martin samuel hit the nail on the head rather than rather insulting self important article form norfstander which is more about him dismissing other opinions rather than really forming one for himself, there is a very good comment below on his site, which is far better.

This run will be definded by how it ends. If we lose a few then it's a very bad run. if we win it's redeeming.

For their to be a bigger picture, you have to look at he man in charge and deem if he is capable of making us better rather than stagnate ...which we have done despite vast investment in a season and a half. In any business, with such investment, you look at your manager and asses if he is doing his job well. Is this just a bad run...or is there a more serious issue. Lack of motivation in the troops. a genuine lack of tactics and flexability. He has no idea about tempo or tactical development, too rigid and too predictable, so we are very easy to play against.

'I think it is clear that we are on the right path.'

is it?

newsoftheblues said...

to be honest i have to agree with the posters here. I think people have the right to criticise Hughes, i watched the sunday sumpliment this morning aswell and think Hughes has to do alot more than he is currently doing. What i find the most dissapointing, is hughes has a negative influence on games. The subs he make or usually just man for man and not a tacticall change. We dont adjust our shape or spring any tactical suprises. Bringing on bellamy on the left is completley ineffective. He cant cross, or run at defenders, he's best through the middle, using his pace. Santa cruz is solid player, not mobile and requires balls into the box, odd then to use him, if we have no one can cross. It was just last match. IT happened at fulham and burnley. We left ourselves open with predicatable changes rather than securing a result.

I deeply worry for a manager who appears to have no understanding or appear to be learning from his errors. I'm not convinced we are on the right track.

I dont see Hughes being sacked at all, but it doesnt stop me expressing my dissent. I read the norfstander, and i agree to some extent, i read through MEN, bluemoon and there is plenty of Hughes out's with out reasoning or justification.

But well, i set my cards out on Hughes from an early stage and i havnt changed my opinion or been convinced otherwise from his performance.

I dont think he will be here come next season!