Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lescott makes formal transfer request

After he was believed to have asked for a transfer but not made a formal request, it seems Joleon Lescott has now gone a step further to forcing a move and put in an official transfer request:

Everton have turned down a formal transfer request from defender Joleon Lescott.

The 26-year-old England international has been the subject of two bids from Manchester City in recent weeks but manager David Moyes is determined not to sell.

"I have always said that we are not selling any players and that hasn't changed," Moyes told the club's website, www.evertonfc.com.

It had been reported that Lescott received a good reception from the Everton crowd during a recent friendly following the constant speculation, but it does now seem he is prepared to do what it takes to force a move from the club - even if it involving risking the wrath of all at Everton.

The move comes following speculation that we were set to turn our attention elsewhere, but the it is clear that the likes of Upson and Distin are very much fall-back options, with Lescott the target Mark Hughes dearly wants.

Quite what the next move will be given Everton's steely response, but often when a player becomes so forthright in wanting out, history does show there is little the club can do to prevent it and no doubt Hughes wants this tied up for him to go straight into Saturday's line-up.

It may take a sizeable increase on our previous offers to ensure it though.

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D. said...

Moyes was bemoaning his lack of new signings just two days ago. Does he not see that £22m could get him a direct replacement for Lescott (Upson, for example) and still have enough left over to sign another player? Apparently he does not. Let's hope Hughes will see the player isn't worth the sum, and more important, the effort to sign him. Alex, Upson, Bruno Alves. Sign a goddamn center-back already.