Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Keegan interview

Kevin Keegan interview as part of the BBC 'Inside Sport' programme aired this week.

An interesting comment from it was "I mean I haven't watched a game of football, I mean live, since my last game at Manchester City and I can't even remember what game that was now."

Unfortunately for most of us Kevin, we still can.

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Anonymous said...

It was Bolton at home and we were absolute shite, it took us 2 years and a billionaire to get from under the pile of debt you left us with. If you ever DO decide to return to football management,please God let it be over in salford.

Anonymous said...

The guy reminds me of Peter Pan not responsible for his actions, blew a kings ransom the board could not afford, spent millions on a guy who only warmed the bench and walked away without looking back.
Not my fault or problem, no acceptance of individual responsability. Good luck Keegan it was good fun while it lasted but adult you are not.

Anonymous said...

When I think of Keegan's managerial reign at City lots of good memories pops up; Season 2001/02, The greatest come back at spurs, convincing derby wins, UEFA cup games i.e.

He was a great manager, but unfortunately he does not work when things are starting to go against him, as they did in his last season or two

Maybe he should have quit before, that you can always discus, but it does not affect the fact that when I think of the Keegan era, I smile.
I am sure that I am not the only who has fond memories of him

Anonymous said...

far too many ppl with too short a memory. kk brougt in some fantastically gifted footballers and made citys football more enjoyable to watch again.

he transformed the club from joe royles sunday league p1ss head pub team outfit to a proffesional premiership football club

would you rather have royle or pearce still in charge?