Monday, May 14, 2007

Stuart Pearce Sacked

well contract terminated , same thing !!


Lets see who's next on the merry go-round !

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Anonymous said...

Best news Ive heard in months. I'm off out for a drink. He was by far the worst weve ever hads and there have been a few. Bland, irritating, tactically clueless and embarrassing bag of cliches. Even worse than frank Clark. Good riddance to the man who simply didnt know what he was doing.

Mr Banks said...

not a fan then !! got to admit i think its time he went. good bloke , sadly not a good manager (yet)

Kartik said...

Well, I remained supportive until the lifeless performances against Villa and in the Derby match. Hopefully Jewell is headed our way.

Anonymous said...

had to be done really. nice guy, refreshing and honest but tactically clueless!
wont be happy until the rest of the bord follow him out of the door

Kartik said...

Agree with you on the board!

The Kara Sea said...

It's best for him to go now rather than giving him time to cause any more trouble and unrest. His legacy is a team in complete disarray, full of thugs, journeymen and parasites on the wage bill. Of course, not all of the squad fall into those categories, and if we can get the right man to take over (I'm gunning for Ranieri myself) there is the nucleus of a good squad there. Get rid of the dross, bring in some reinforcements in midfield and up front and we could be a force. I just can't wait to see City play attractive, exciting football again. I want lumps in my throat and tears in my eyes and you just don't get that with Pearce. I defended him against the criticism for a long time but he's done nothing worth defending for months and we were lucky not to go down. Onwards and upwards, eh?