Saturday, May 12, 2007

Sinclair and Jordan released

The club announced over the past couple of days that both Trevor Sinclair and Stephen Jordan were to be released at the end of the season.

Whilst both moves were widely expected, there were stories that suggested Jordan may have been offered a new deal but perhaps Stuart Pearce felt that either Jordan's progress had stalled permanently or young Shaleum Logan was ready to assume more of a senior role behind Michael Ball next season.

What is perhaps a little interesting in this is that despite stories regarding his future at the club Pearce is already beginning to shape the squad for next season and has talked about the Chairman indicating the level of funds available.

The MEN reported yesterday that the board would have to 'act fast' in order to land Sam Allardyce, indicating that he would be prepared to take the Newcastle job (despite a preference for City).

Pearce has always been bullish regarding his role and that he would be in charge next season, despite the board keeping their cards far closer to their chests. One problem for the current board is that although there would be no compensation involved for dismissing Pearce, Allardyce (or another big name) would command a hefty, long-term contract in addition to significant funds being made available.

Whilst this may not be a problem to any new owners who come in, whilst the current board remain in charge, it could be more likely that Pearce remains in charge at the club.

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Anonymous said...

We don't need a new manager. We need an attack coach who can get the midfield fired up and supplying the strikers. SP can look after the defence - he's been superb at that.

Anonymous said...

Tricky Trev was superb when he got fired up. Pity his injuries didn't allow it to happen often. Stevie was a trier - no complaints about effort.

Two good blues. Good Luck lads.