Wednesday, February 03, 2010

New contract for Petrov?

Tucked away inside this article on plans for a US tour next summer is the news that we have offered a contract to Martin Petrov - with talks by all accounts 'enouraging':
City have offered Martin Petrov a new contract and are encouraged by the way the negotiations have gone with the Bulgaria international. The deadline-day signing of Adam Johnson and Craig Bellamy's impressive form have increased the competition on the left side of attack but Robinho has made it clear he does not want to return to Manchester after his six-month loan spell with Santos and the manager, Roberto Mancini, is keen to keep the 31-year-old Petrov, who is out of contract at the end of the season and eligible to speak to potential buyers.
As excited as I am that we landed Adam Johnson on deadline day, it would be a huge shame if that spelled the end of Martin Petrov's time at the club. Although he has come in for criticism in some quarters, he is a genuinely exciting player to watch and undoubtedly has a role still to play for us - even more so if Robinho has pulled on a shirt for the last time.

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Ant said...

i would be glad to see the back of petrov. we not seen him at anywhere near his best for 18 months or more. his greedy, lazy performances are not helping the team and he has about as much fight in him as khan after 30 seconds with prescott. granted he has a great left peg but we see the best of it far too infrequently. I would rather the likes of weiss and johnson were given the best opportunity to succeed then persist with an aging winger who never seems to give his all for the club.

Anonymous said...

Blasting Petrov is now the order of the day among the squadron of ants known as ManCity fans. This particular poster is aptly-named, but he forgot to indicate that he is merely another faceless, mindless drone, programmed to parrot the prevailing instruction. Anyone with half a brain and a modicum of footballing knowledge would recognize that Petrov has been one of our top 5 performers this season. Weiss is a wonderful prospect, but he's a thin reed in a gale when on the ball and he is not yet ready to make sound decisions on the pitch with the ball at his feet. Johnson is far more ready, but will take some time before he's ready to join a rotation with SWP, Bellamy and Petrov for the first-team winger spots.

I'm reaching for the ant spray now, to put this pathetic poster to the sword!

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