Thursday, January 14, 2010

Richards on his form

"He told me that I was a good player but that if I listened and learned he would turn me into a great player. Those words were really encouraging but I know that it is down to me to work hard.

"I keep saying it but I am still young. There are aspects of the game that only come with experience and I am gaining that all the time whether I am in or out of the side.

"I know I had a dip in form last season but I believe that I have been better this time around and in recent weeks I have done okay. All I am concentrating on at the moment is playing well, winning games and staying in the side when the injured players come back."
>>Micah Richards.

The form Richards has shown under Mancini has been one of the surprises so far for me. Given Fabio Capello clearly doesn't rate him and has shunned him whilst in charge of England, I half expected Mancini to follow suit - particularly given his patchy form over the past season and a half.

However - and maybe a little due to injuries - Richards has featured and played as well as he has done for some time these patch few matches.

Perhaps the fact that Mancini may adopt the 'carrot' approach may pay off with someone like Richards far more than the 'stick' approach Hughes was reportedly known to favour.

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Zorrin Drax said...

Much as I enjoyed Tevez's hat-trick, Micah's goal against blackburn must be the goal of the month.

Watching him bomb forward 80 yards and skip past those 4 tackles was like watching a cart horse ballet dance. His head was going from side to side all the way, looking to get rid of the ball, but his team mates looked on, as stunned as the Blackburn players.

He played the perfect pass to Benjani, and looked relieved to finally get rid of the ball.

When the ball rebounded off the post, he produced a striker's finish, volleying it at the ground between a sliding defender's legs - the only route to goal.

I don't think the back 4 has had any defensive training since Fizackerley left, suddenly we Micah is looking solid again.