Wednesday, January 13, 2010

No quick return for Adebayor

"If it meant going back tomorrow, I wouldn't be capable of giving everything that I've got," Adebayor said in an interview with SNTV on Wednesday.

"At the moment, I'm just sweating every day and every day that God made. At the moment, I can't even eat — I'm losing weight, which is very difficult for everyone.

"I will take time and I will come back on the pitch at the right time, and I think my boss (Roberto Mancini) and my team understand that is the most important thing.

"And they know I need time to recover from this, and at the moment I am just staying home with all my (Togo) team-mates. We are together — (as) one."


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Anonymous said...

I would like to say that Ade should have the rest of the season if he needs it. going through something like he went through is unimaginable to me and his full mental recovery is way more important than football.

Anonymous said...

I hope he isn't going to milk this for all its worth. I would have thought that the best way to get it out of his mind would be to play England

Anonymous said...

Adebayor should realise by now that life is important to everybody I hope when he is ready to return (and I agree it might take 6 months)that in his mind he realises that he should perform every week not just when he feels like it. The gun man might have killed him so he should use that to his advantage and use the gifts god gave him every week as a tribute to those who died .

South Australin Blue said...

These two comments are very harsh. Ade is part of our city family and it is important that we support him in this life changing experience. Of course our success is everything but we should not lose our humanity in the process. This is what makes city special.

Manu said...

adebayor is an important part of the team, and would be good for city that he returns quickly, but if he has problems, it would be better that he has a break.

good blog, cheers from nunca podre tener un dinosaurio

TSVDP said...

Ivory Coast only drew their first game against Burkina Faso. This game was in Cabinda too. Not knocking the region, but I wonder if any of these other teams might be the slightest bit nervous in taking the pitch, that is not a great result for the Elephants. It's a great tournament and some entertaining games sound like they have taken place, Mali vs. Angola and others.