Monday, November 09, 2009

Toure on Toure

Some interesting comments, albeit not from the rumoured target himself:

Asked if he would like to see City buy his brother, Kolo said: "I hope so. He is a good player, and if he could come to our team that would be great."

And he feels Yaya would jump at the chance to come to England: "He has had a few hard times in Barcelona. He doesn't play a lot, and he loves football and loves to play.

"If he can come, especially to a club in England, he would be really happy because the Premier League is a fantastic place to play football."
Signing any player is difficult enough in the January window, even moreso when it is a player from a team aiming for league and European success so this may be nothing more than (Kolo) Toure responding to a loaded question, as opposed to a story with any great substance.

What it could do however is perhaps show just how interested Barcelona are in Robinho should we ask for Yaya Toure (plus cash) in return.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe you can swap him for that lazy bastard upfront: adebawhore

Blue Phoenix - Moving on up! said...

Anonymous obviously a red fan or worse an Arsenal fan... We as City fans would not insult our players like you do you Moron.

We are all behind Ade not like you bunch of fickle muppets.

tg said...

Sorry Patrick. Arsenal fans are not fickle. Cowsarse earnt his reputation with gooners by playing with his feet up the for the entire season after he got his payrise, culminating in his piss poor displays against the red mancs in the CL Semi. The number of times we are caught offside has sunk like a stone since we sold him to you.And we are scoring for fun without him. Thanks very much for the 25 million.

Blue Phoenix - Moving on up! said...

This is a Man City blog! Not a snotty noised Arsenal fan blog.

I can't believe your all so bitter against this guy.

Who will it be next hey? Who else have you all turned against in the past.

Like I say we don't do that up here at Manchester City... We're not as fickle as you bunch of moaning gooners!

tg said...

Oh you don't Patrick? Interesting. Nice to see your support are immune from that. Someone should tell that to the large number of your fans who are slating Hughes right now though.

As for players gooners have "turned on" I can think of two in the last 10 years, Anelka (judas) and A.Cole (doublejudas). Then there is Sheyi Emmanuel. An overpaid cunt who is now getting paid loads for doing fuck all at your gaff. Enjoy him.

Anonymous said...


if you don't want gunners on your site then stop insulting us by calling as fickle paddy.

i just like to thank your arab masters for giving us 40 million pounds for those two "footballers" you were robbed!! ha ha ha, just like we all told you mugs. toure's a good man but his best days are behind him. as for that lanky streak of piss ade, we made him look good at arsenal, he gave us 6 months good work when he was playing for a new contract and then went into hibernation mode. and to top it all off he openly betrayed us on skysorts and the bbc. he is now up to his old tricks at city. he has given you people 3 good games and gone back to his old ways like we said he would.
like i told you muppets before: city will only be taken seriously when you bin that prick in charge and get a real manager in. until then we will all continue to laugh at you...

i can't wait to see our youth team destroy your mercenaries at the arablands next month in the cup.

one day you will realise that we were right and you have bought a *unt of a man and an average footballer at best who will destroy any team spirit at your club. until that day comes you may continue to live in denial...

Anonymous said...

we all know Rvp is a cunt and a rapist! arsenal fans will excuse that...

you wont win anything this season becuase mockney twat

hughes should fuck off aswell, he's clueless

Anonymous said...

Any player that gives 100% for the Arsenal gets 100% positive reaction on his return:
Adams, Parlour, Vieira, Overmars, Petit and many many more.

Adebayore is a scumbag, you will find out within a year, I guarantee. Your supporters were one of the clubs that sang the song about his Dad cleaning elephants, which you won't hear from us...listen to the lyrics next time we sing that tune.

Must admit I like his twitter page:

Anonymous said...

we all know Rvp is a cunt and a rapist! arsenal fans will excuse that...
enough said