Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Toure to undergo medical

As expected, the possible transfer of Kolo Toure has progressed since news broke this afternoon that we were in talks with Arsenal and The Guardian reports that Toure is set to leave Arsenal's training camp this evening to ahead of undergoing a medical:

TourĂ© is expected to fly directly into Manchester to take a medical examination tomorrow and finalise the personal terms of a contract that will see him join the growing band of players at City who earn in excess of £100,000 a week.

He will become the second Arsenal player to move from Arsenal to City this summer, following Emmanuel Adebayor for a combined outlay of £39m.
This follows earlier comments from Arsene Wenger, in which he conceded that Toure is set to move:
"We will see what's happening in the next 24 hours, nothing is decided yet.

"We have seven centre-backs and I am in the position where I have to play some in midfield but of course Kolo is a very good player and we will see what will happen in the next 24 hours."

It seems all but confirmed that Toure will join, to possibly create a partnership alongside Nedum Onouha. Whilst Toure is a good player, he is not a great player, belonging (I believe) in that second tier of players and whilst a good addition he is obviously overpriced and you do have to question just how much of an upgrade he is over Onouha or Kompany in that role.

His loss will be felt by Arsenal (as will that of Adebayor) and to dismiss his potential departure as selling on a player who is on the slide is stretching matters somewhat, and whilst Wenger is confident he will be easily replaced, I'm not so sure.

Looking at Arsenal's options, whilst the capture of Vermaelen is a potentially good one, it is still potential and there is a big risk involved with such a move. His loss and the experience he brings will clearly benefit us, whilst weakening Arsenal at a time where they do not appear to making the progress sides around them are doing.

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Anonymous said...

As a Gooner, I can say you're going to get a commited, passionate and extremely likeable player. We don't think he's been at his best the last couple of years but many the change will re-ignite that, in which case you'll have one of the best - and fastest - centrebacks in the prem. Just don't let him take your free-kicks. He's probably taken over 50 for usand only scored once.

Anonymous said...

Fair play to Toure who has been a great player for us over the years but the last 2 season have seen him perform well below his best. Maybe a change of club will revitalise him. However to claim that we have regressed while others have progressed is a somewhat strange statement. We have comfortably finished in the top 4 in recent seasons despite media reports of our demise. You cannot equate success by just signing some overated overpriced players. Lets see how well both teams fare when the actaul action takes place on the pitch and not in the media or blogs.

gonner said...

toure is not as good as he used to be

Anonymous said...

As an Arsenal supporter, please don't think Mr Offside is a loss to us.
Also £16 million in Arsene's back pocket for Toure is a super deal, We only paid £150,000 for him 7 years ago.
I used to have respect for Man City supporters who followed their club in the real world, but a bit of cash as soon turned you lot into Chavs.

Anonymous said...

good luck to the african at city. he has never been the same player at arsenal since he got the mossqito bites a couple of years ago.

the presure is on sparky. my guess, he will do nothing with these players and will be out by christmas. you will then get the special one and only then might i take your lot seriously...

Pat said...

As a Gooner, I must say I'm a bit disappointed with this. I loved Kolo. Since the ACN he hasn't been the same, but he will always give 100%. Heart, passion, decent defending, recoveries, he has it.

He will receive a large round of applause when he visits back at the Grove.

ManCity fans will love him as they will love Tevez. Who doesn't like these type of players?

Good luck Kolo. Help them get that 4th spot, just not at the expense of us. He wasn't first choice anymore with the arrival of the impressive Vermelean.

What bothers me even more is the fact that Wenger probably won't spend it.

Bluemoon said...

Love how we're cherry picking arsAnal's best players!! There gona be crap next season. On the downside it makes ending 4th well easy now! arsAnal are shit lol.

Barndoor Bendtner said...

@ Bluemoon
I love the way City are cherry picking the has beens and filling our war chest with lovely oil dollars. Why would you go for Toure and not look at hangeland? Oh, because he wont go to the 2nd best club at a 5th rate city.