Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Club in talks with Arsenal over Toure

BBC Sport are reporting as breaking news that we are now in talks with Arsenal regarding the signing of Kolo Toure.

More to come no doubt before the end of the day.

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Barndoor Bendtner said...

Brilliant, keep throwing us your money. £15m for a 4th choice CB has got to be good business.

Anonymous said...


Arsenal fans are so bitter. Who would the three before him be then, Djourou, that thick fella whose name i forget, Swiss lad, two left feet, some goon you've paid over the odds for who no-one else has been willing to take a chance on? Wenger is after all known for being able to spot a good centre-half!

Toure's stats, just for the record:
02/03 - 40 games
03/04 - 55 games
04/05 - 50 games
05/06 - 46 games
06/07 - 53 games
07/08 - 41 games
08/09 - 41 games

This is the difference between our fans and yours. Were a player to serve us so well for so long, and play a part in helping us win trophies, he'd literally be applauded out of the place, yet a player deciding to leave Arsenal suddenly makes him '4th choice', 'rubbish anyway' and 'a money-grabber'.

Sums Arsenal up really, both their fans and the club in general. A complete lack of class.


Trennon said...

Toure has been a loyal guy for so many years and I for one will be upset to see him leave. At 28, he still has a lot to offer.

The reality though, is that he is the weaklink of a fragile defence. His inability to clear corners and defend the high ball has really been exposed these last two years.

Add to that the fact that the ACN is around the corner, this will turn out to be good business for Arsenal if it's true and IF ONLY he is replaced!!!!

I've said forany years that Arsenal have too many African players in their squad. As a loan African, players excell, but when there are 3 or 4 they become disruptive.

I wish Man City all the best but honestly believe it will take a lot more than what they have to overthrow Arsenal.

I've put 100 quid on Mark Hughs to be the first manager sacked in the new season. Got 20/1. Easy money.

Anonymous said...

To the prick that says Arsenal have no class:

That is rich coming from the new lottery chavs on the block.

Why dont you join the rest of your classless mates immitating your new owners with teas towels on your head. Seriously if you want to talk about lacking class, look closer to home.

Anonymous said...

Barndoor Bendtner does not "sum up" Arsenal and its fans. I am a Gooner and the vast majority will indeed applaud Kolo for his years of loyal service and wish him well. He has been a great player for us. Clearly the vast majority will not be applauding Adebayor but thats such a different story ....

Anonymous said...

Gotta say that for someone to accuse us Gooners of having "no class" is a bit rich.

Kolo has served our club brilliantly in the last few years and as a person he is one of my favourite players.

But I do think he is past his best. Saying that though, I'd far rather keep him than sell him to you lot. But Wenger knows when to let a player go and ultimately it's his decision.

This transfer is completely the opposite to you lot getting Adebayor. 90% of Gooners were pleased to see the back of him and I'm pretty sure that after a couple of seasons you lot will have exactly the same views of him as we do. When he's good he's great, but that's when he gives a shit (which is far too frequent.

You'll see the difference by the reaction that Kolo gets compared to Ade when you come to the Emirates!

-Mr Scooch

Anonymous said...

Infrequently, not frequently

Barndoor Bendtner said...

You get me completely wrong you classless muppets. I have said and would never say anything against King Kolo. He has been a great servant and is the sole surviving 'invincible'.
What I was saying was only a bottom feeding club like Shiteh would pay £15m for a player that is past his best. Is that the best your riches can do.
I've no doubt Kolo will give his best to which ever club he plays for and will get an ovation when he returns to the Emirates.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who claims to have got 20/1 on Hughes being the first manager to be sacked is deluded. At no point has he not been near the favourites for that dubious honour. I've kept an eye on that market, and he's never, as far as i know, been anything longer than 8/1, generally down as low as 3/1 or 4/1. Do try harder!

PS: Ray Parlour's just been on Sky saying if Arsenal sign three or four players they can finish in the top four. You have to laugh. Good luck fellas!

Bluemoon said...

arsenal are crap. i thought it might take another season to replace them in the big four but there just handing us there best players! 4th should be quite easy this season for us now.

Anonymous said...

A few words. As a lifelong Gooner, I'll be said to see Kolo go. He's the last member of the Invincibles team and he seems like a genuinely nice person. His form however for the last 3 seasons has been questionable at best. That’s not to say that he might not prove a good acquisition for Man City. A new challenge may re-invigorate his game and he might rediscover his form of years gone by. Who knows?

It’s clear also that he had his had turned by Man City in January and this allied with his closeness to Adebayor (a bizarre and unpleasant individual who nearly every Gooner was happy to see leave) has maybe not helped him.

Taking the above into account along with a £16m fee for a 28-year old, I think it’s right for Arsenal to accept this deal.

Best of luck, Kolo – we’ll miss you.

Bye Bye arsAnal said...


Trennon said...

To Anonymous at 1.41. haha, what an idiot you are. 1/3 or even 1/8 actually means he is a favourite to get the sack you idiot. 20/1 which I did get on the 4th June 2009 means Hughs is a long shot to get the sack first. Try and learn how things work before making a comment.

Anonymous said...

Trennon, 1.41 is saying Hughes has always been one of the favourites to be sacked, and so getting your odds would be impossible. He clearly understands odds, to the same extent you don't understand sentences. And just to to make you look an even greater fool, you've altered his predicted odds to 1/3 and 1/8, which would make huge clear odds on for the sack in a group of 20, not 'a' favourite as you claim. Now what where those phrases... ah yes- haha, what an idiot you are. Try and learn how things work before making a comment.