Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Now for Lescott?

Mark Hughes has been tidily ticking off his list of targets so far this summer, and if reports are to believed then Everton defender Joleon Lescott is now up next.

The move would make sense given there is a need to strengthen the defence both in depth and quality and Lescott possesses the characteristics Hughes has generally sought when bringing players to the club.

A potential fee could be in the region of £15-£18 million, with Lescott believed to be able to double his current salary. Everton do not appear to be in any rush to sell but the nature of the game these days is that there is no longer a player who isn't for sale. Rightly or wrongly, if Lescott walks into David Moyes's office and tells him he wants out then there is little Everton can realistically do bar trying and leverage as high a fee as possible.

The MEN follows up on this theme, stating that for a move to happen the ball is now in Lescott's court and that we may be able to sweeten the deal by including Jo in any offer.

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stueestu said...

with man city having a bottomless pit why do you think we would sell him for the going rate. £20m for most or £35m to city/chelsea

GAGA said...

It would be a massive decision for Lescott to walk out on Everton, it is by no means impossible for us to get him though.

I was hoping it would be Toure we focused our attentions on first.

GAGA said...

LOL at 35 million btw.

Anonymous said...

typical mickey mouser with an idiotic you owe us attitude
Your cash strapped outfit will take the offer and are not in a position to haggle.
We are not a charity and on a personal basis I despise the give it me for nothing attitude you clowns think is a right. welcome to the real world.

Anonymous said...

The you owe us attitude comes form the fact you want one of our players. We are not in debt anymore and dont need the money, oh and we arnt a charity either- we dont give our players away on the cheap. Lets see, he's an england international CB, he is a top LB if needed and scores 7-10 goals a season. If Glen Johnson's worth £17mill Lescott is easily worth £21-22million.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree, that given todays inflated market I also think Lescot is worth more. I would love to have him at City but I do agree that it would be a massive decision for him to leave Everton for City especially when we cant even offer european football at the moment. It would take a lot to convince both Lescot and Everton that this deal is in their favour at the moment. I would love him to sign though.

Anonymous said...

Its true all scoucers are comedians you have to be to live there.
A football ground thats an old fashioned garden shed, no money to update its now looking quaint. No money to move unless a car park space next to Tesco's and Toys r us is about the best you can afford.
So here the clowns prance, bragging about over valued players with empty pockets and a failed actor as chairman who would sell you down the river to the first person putting cash on the table. Not that anyone will touch you with a barge pole and you are all to stupid to see why.
Not in debt anymore.... Ha ha got Robert Maxwell handle your accounts ?
Fool yourselves mickey's the rest of the world see's you for the joke you are.
Harry Enfield underplayed how barbaric you are.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's important not to forget where you came from, or how you became what you are. So before you start insulting a grand old club like Everton who are at least giving the premiership a reminder of how teams were once built.
City used to be a club like Everton, who fought back from relegation to reclaim your place in the top league, but now with all your foreign investment you come on talking like one of the sickening Chelsea fans who feel that buying success is the same as earning it - it ain't, and that's why Kaka never came to City and why you are paying extortionate wages to get above average players.

Anonymous said...

Notice you did not disagree with any of the comments.
The basic fact is that I find your club and and the neanderthals that support it a throwback to a darker age.
Remember being bricked by your chimpanzess's in the late 80's after a match at Goodison and we lost 3-1.
So dont lecture me about supporting a club like City we were alway's above the low life and semi humans that you attract.Investment has nothing to do with it.
You clowns are pompous and self important living in a bubble like Newcastle fan's just off centre with the real world.
Our situation has changed you are not as a club ever going to be able to compete with us again at least for the forseeable future.
Second rate and second best a selling club if the price is right despite your bluster.
Dont recall this sanctimonious crap in the 60's onwards when you were funded by your own local sugar daddy buying players at top dollar.
Spare me the crocodile tears through Moyes you have seriously overachieved dont fool yourselves you are good enough to stay there or that as a club you are liked or respected.

roy harper said...

City fans, and I'm one, have got to show more humility than this. Money can sometimes bring a certain amount of security, but in the best of people, it brings a more important thing, responsibility.

Anonymous said...

Deluded bunch aren't you?

Anonymous said...

Roy Harper who the fuck are you ?
Commissioned by UN ? Another pious clown probably the mickey trickey mouser under another name.
Get it into your half witted heads money has nothing to do with it. I just find the scouse "you owe me a favour attitude" beyond belief.
We as a football do not need to pay you clowns over the odd's as a favour.
What that has to do with responsability is beyond me but maybe not your self indulgent hype.
Keep your patronising shit I am not interested.Find Everton and its fan base a self perpetuating joke,the sooner you fools sink into the championship and stop attempting to pretend you are morally better than any one else the happier I will be.
Intend to stop now as I have to work Thursday so off to bed.
For the mickey's work is a method of being paid for honest labour rather than rely on goverment hand out's and sales of stolen car radios or drugs,when you are not shooting children coming home from football training or kidnapping toddlers and murdering them from shopping precincts.
Suggest you look hard in the mirror before lecturing others.

Anonymous said...

To the Anonymous Citteh cunt , its low lifes like you that should go fuck themselves, cos I'm betting with your educated delightful views, no one else will .
Obviously the manc hole you live in is a crime free tropical utopia ? Before you resort to your laughable scouser stereotype / Harry Enfield side splitting humour ,you fucking tool , there is more violent crime in madchester and more people sponging off the state, so get your facts right .
Everton a joke ? What utter fucking shit . In the last few years we have been anything but a joke . An extremely solid Premier League team unlike yourselves .
You may have a bottomless pit of money but your attitude stinks and I ,like probably most football fans, hope you fall on your gobby manc faces and continue to be the laughing stock you are and have been for an eternity .
If you get Lescott , I hope we fuck you over for a fortune like all teams will now and its got nothing to do with feeling sorry for ourselves just hard business . If you want the best players you'll have to pay and pay big time .
Everton fans a self perpetuating joke ? I think your comments tonight make you the biggest joke and after reading your last post, I hope you meet one of those chimpanzees from the 80's who'll stick a fucking brick in your fat manc gob .

Anonymous said...

Dont expect Moyes to sell him for anything less than what it would cost Everton to replace an international class defender who can play 2 positions, rarely misses a game, scores 10 goals a season and has his best years ahead of him.

Not to mention Jagielka being out until October would leave us short so add another 5m for that.

I dont think it will happen. Perhaps January if City havent moved on by then.

roy harper said...

I've been a City fan for 68 years. What I don't really think is necessary is to be so absolutely insulting to fans of other teams. There is a lot of negativity in the world, and you've just added to it. What you're looking for is violence, but you're anonymous, you have no name! You will not show who you are. You accuse using sweeping generalisations. You obviously think that it's clever to puff a few feathers out while accusing a whole city of being criminals, while hiding behind anonymity. Do what you want, the world is full of you. Haters with no sense of humour. And that goes for both of you haters on this page. Your ignorance is no longer remarkable, because it's common everywhere, from here to Persawar and into the deepest reaches of China. You'll maybe want it to be different one day, or maybe you wont. Maybe you want your deep and witless sarcasm to become even more of a human trait, your cowardly anonymous violence to correctly portray humanity. You make the world you live in. Yours is a particularly dark, blind and wretched place. And you'll always be there, because that's where you want to be. What a nice place that must be. What great attitudes you have. What impelling lives you must lead. What a fantastic anonymous world it is out there. For both of you. Obviously two anonymous cunts...

Ug said...

Well said Roy. I've been a City fan not quite as long as you, but over 40 years.

I love a bit of banter and winding up other fans. Hell be controversial, tease 'em their managers off to Real Madrid or whatever - it's all part of footy tribalism.

I'm with you - just hurling humnourless abuse at other fans and teams and remaining anonymous - coward, bully, insecure spring to mind.

I'd love to see City and Everton thrash out a nice deal that benefits both clubs as Lescott is quality.

If we don't get him, well this summer is already fun and I can't believe it's still only June and we're in for everyone according to the tabs with two solid additions and more to come.

roy harper said...

Cheers Ug,

Yea he's a good 'un. Can't think that Tevez will go anywhere else now. Leastways, it would be odd if he did. Eto'o is probably waiting to see, at the same time as angling for CL, but he's not going to better the wages at City so he may arrive. He may be playing everyone along until the window closes so he can do a Bosnan next year. Interesting stuff. See you around. Good luck.

mrt4919 said...

What a bunch of handwringing tarts, roy saint harper and some clown calleed Ug.
On a personal basis I really domt give a fuck what you think, re reading your posts I'd guess that two left wingers dont upset the scousers pretend Manchester fan's think they have a right to act as though they have some idiotic moral high ground.
As an ex Benchill cathlic grammer school educated blue the pretend we are working class but are actually middle class is exactly where these two fools are from so will I lose any sleep about hating scousers ? Not a fucking chance.
Dispair about two clowns like this pretending to support Gods own football club and still believe they are Mickey's.