Monday, October 01, 2007

Paul Merson - Degenerate Crackhead ?

For those that missed it, youtube link from a city fan to your on sky sports, responding with zest to Paul Merson's comments earlier in the week that he wouldn't have a season ticket given to Manchester City.

Why not Paul you could sell it for some more gear ?

Degenerate Crackhead

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Anonymous said...

Agreed. He seems to have a big problem with City as well as birds, booze and all the rest.

Anonymous said...

yea + gambling, coke, not being able to manage, he is a failure, failing life, he is barely literate! on the whole a C*nt bag

Anonymous said...

Did anyone mention crap Manager?

Anonymous said...

Whoops I see crap Manager now. How about pond life? I wouldn't accept his bar bill to listen to that tosser.

Anonymous said...

See the guy's face? He wasn't being paid enough for that!! Well done to the City fan.

Haven't seen any response from Merson so far - or from Cascarino for that matter!

Don't you just love watching all these sports writers having to eat shit??