Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Carling Cup Draw - Bolton V Manchester City

Forgot too mention this one in all that happened over the weekend.

Scheduled for w/c 29th October. It has also been confirmed that it is not a sky game.
Could be a good turnout of blues if Bolton price this right. Bolton will almost definitely play a full reserve team given their current league position and the fact that two of their three games beforehand are Chelsea and Arsenal I don't really see that improving.

I would like Sven to play enough of the big guns to see us safely through to the quarters.

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Anonymous said...

Bolton have been pissing us off for the last couple of seasons - after us beating them off the park every time we met them before that.

Payback time - I just hope Sven keeps enough of the main men on the bench to see them off if we need to!