Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Joey Barton - The Saviour

Barton Article from MEN

"Were it not for myself, Micah Richards and Richard Dunne the club wouldn't have had Shinawatra, the Premier League and Sven.
"I think they could easily have gone down last season but for a couple of results."

Yep Joey if it hadn't been for a couple of results we would have gone down, those results if you remember correctly Joey were over Christmas, when you where suspended after one of your little petulant strops.

Now go practice trying to beat the first man on corners and stop making your self look a bigger twat than you are.

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Ben said...

Talk about bitter......don't bother thanking the club (and fans) that stood by you for so long, Joey.
I honestly don't think you'd get in the current City team, we're extremely well shot of you.

See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya.....

Wigan Blue said...

I'm probabably very naive, but I honestly didn't think that Barton would say anything like that - or even worse the other garbage he's been spouting to the gutter press today.

If there was one single factor that prevented the club takeover from going ahead, it was your impending courtcase for the assault on one of your fellow players.

To every one of my my fellow City fans who were trying to tell me that Barton was a liability for so long - I hold my hands up. You were right. I apologise for being wrong.