Thursday, October 04, 2007

Favorite City chants

Dear Bitter and Blue,

At present I am
conducting research into the wonder that is terrace chants for use in a future
Included in the book will be chants old and new, kind and cruel from
clubs all over the country.
It would be a great help in my research if you
could put forward some suggestions from fans so that your club can be
All chants and terrace songs would be welcome but I do ask that
if the chant is based upon a particular song that you could also mention which
song, to ensure the full effect when translated into writing.
Needless to say
your fanzine will receive a mention in the acknowledgements page.

Thank you for any assistance you can lend and best wishes to you
and your team for the rest of the season.


Matt Smith

If anyone has a particular favourite (for whatever reason) that they want to be included, fill up the comments section and I'll forward them onto Matt.

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Anonymous said...

joey bartons a cunt to the theme of we all live on a yellow submarine

Anonymous said...

Joey Bartons a cunt to the tune of jingle bells

Anonymous said...

"Enjoy getting bummed in prison, Joey" - to the tune of absolutely anything.

Anonymous said...

na na, na na, na, na na joeys getting raped, getting raped, joeys getting raped.

na na, na na, na, na na joey wheres the soap, wheres the soap, joeys wheres the soap.

to the tune of baby give it up, kid creole and the coconuts

Anonymous said...

Well, we aren't happy bunnies with Joey Barton then!

OK - one of my favourites was:

Signed him up from Swindon Town,
Sha-la Summerbee,
Little did we know he was England bound,
Sha-la Summerbee.

Sha-la-la-la Summerbee,
Sha-la-la-la Summerbee,
Sha-la-la-la Summerbee.....

To the tune of the Small Faces "Sha-la-la-la-lee"

Another one that creases me when I think of it:

Oh his name is Georgie Best and he's a terrible disgrace,
With his bright red handbag and his panties trimmed with lace,
And when he runs along the wing he gives a little twirl,
And curtsies by the corner flag just like a f***** girl,
Diddle e dah, dara daradah...

Oh his name is Alex Stepney he's a terrible disgrace,
With his bright red ears flapping round his face,
And when he goes up for the ball he tries to jump so high,
His ears they start vibratin' an' he flies into the sky,
Diddle e dah, dara daradah...

There's another verse but I've forgotten it. To the tune of Bing Crosby's McNamara's Band

Anonymous said...

F*** off Mr Ferretarse
F*** off Mr Ferretarse

to the Pet Shop Boys Go West, One-Nil to the Arsenal

It was being sung by the three City supporters sitting behind me at the united game.

Daniel Baker said...

Is it just me or is there some sort of bizarre conspiracy abounding across football grounds across the country, largely engineered by the eternal "ive been coming here since you before you were born son" brigade, in which chants and songs that HAVE NEVER BEEN SUNG, at least not by any section of any particular stand are reeled off as "terrace classics". I mean honestly, the idea of any chant involving a verse/chorus construction such as some of the above actually having caught on is a bloody myth. Ok, so there was wonderwall, but even then we only rhymed ball and wall, no one seriously sang the entire bloody thing now did they?

i swear half these "classic" chants have never actually ever caught on.

Anonymous said...

Oh his name is Martin Buchan he's the leader of the team,
The biggest load of shit the world has ever seen.
Oh the name is Man United they're the boys that play in red,
And when they win Fuck all this year, remember what we said. Ha Ha Ha Ha La Da Da Dee Dah etc.
To the tune of McNamara's Band

Anonymous said...

Good ol' Danny B

During the 1930's the Kippax were famous for their songs and chants. I wish I could find out what they actually were singing - maybe this book can throw some light upon it. But yes - we used to sing quite complicated songs. The Kip was a good place to sing from and make your voices heard.

Oh his name is Colin Bell and from Bury he did come,
To play for old Joe Mercer's team in Division One,
And when we walk down Maine Road you'll always hear us cry,
We are the best team in the world which nobody can deny -
Diddle e dah, dara daradah...

Get stuffed.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Danny B,

This was sung I was there, as small boy, with my Dad, kippax St 1967 -9 ish.

Pardoe, Pardoe, its off to Mexico,

With Bell and Lee and Summerbee,

Pardoe, Pardoe, Pardoe,

to the tune of Hi ho Hi ho.

What a shame England didn't take them all to Mexico!

Do you remember Wigan Blue?

Anonymous said...

There was an air disaster not many years ago
When manchester united got buried in the snow
They counted out the bodies of people that were dead
And there was Duncan Edwards without his Fuckin head.
Funny but the old ones are the best

Anonymous said...

one that i heard recently and made me chuckle:

Sung to The Proclaimers- I'm Gonna Be ( Walk 500 Miles)



Anonymous said...

well i think the simplest ones are the best

"its just like watching brazil, just like watching brazil..."

but i prefered it back in the days when it was ironic cause we were s**t

it seems less funny now we have the maestro elano!

and there if i remember correctly was one about kinkladze sung to an oasis tune, cant remember how it goes though...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - Course I do. Glyn Pardoe was the best fullback in the country at the time - never fouled anybody, and took the ball from their feet clean as a whistle. Until that dirty shit Best broke his leg in four places and left him bleeding to death on the pitch.


The Blues are here today,
That's what the people say,
We are the best football team the world has ever seen,
We're from the Kippax Street,
And we admire defeat,
When it comes from the boys who play in Blue and White
La La La La La La

To the tune of Milord

Daniel Baker said...

Hate to potentially annoy anyone again,but i do think anonymous (funny that they refused to be named eh?) should be severely reprimanded.
Funny?Utterly hilarious, the old Munich air crash eh? A barrel of fucking laughs by all accounts! As far as im concerned that sinks to about the same level as Rangers or Celtic fans singing about sectarian massacres. I suppose your aware that Frank Swift died at Munich while reporting on the match for the News of the World are you?

Anonymous said...

Daniel B

We did sing those songs - in the Kippax, all 15,000 of us. But you're right about the Munich songs. For three reasons.

1) I remember all the boys in the school I was at being marched to the assembly hall, where they had an old steam radio going. The commentary was of all the bodies being carried from the runway. Totally traumatic for a young lad.

2) As you say, England and City lost one of the best goalkeepers they've ever had that day. I think he was the only goalkeeper ever to captain England, but I could be mistaken there.

3) It was the worst financial disaster that City ever had. City - who had been the best supported team in Manchester for ever, lost the 'sympathy vote' and from 1957 onwards had to scrape and scratch to keep up with the scum from the swamp.

So no, I don't do Munich songs - but we can sing anybody off the park on our day. My current favourite is "We're not really here". What a lovely, bitter and blue commentary that's turning out to be!!

Anonymous said...

After the Munich songs comments I know that this this one will not go down well either but as its for a historical record - I have to would like to remind you all of the 81 cup final and Spurs/Chas and Dave (s)hit song that we stole

Spurs on their way to Belsen
Hitlers gonna gas em again
You cant stop em
The Yids from Tottenham
The Yids from White White Hart Lane.

Followed up with the Ardilles sole

Ozies gone to Wembley
His knees have gone all trembly
Because of Gow!
Because of Gow!

Anonymous said...

After reading that in Thailand we are known as "the blue ship" I wrote this:

to the tune of The Good Ship Lollipop...

"On the Blues Ship Chin-a-wot,
We're gonna kick your,
ass a lot.
See the blue moon rise,
above the Manchester skies."

In the interest of our move into Asia, sing!
(Note: Shinawatra is pronounced Chin-a-wot, I am told)