Sunday, September 02, 2007

Blackburn prediction

Never an easy place or team to come up against, and thinking back to last year we were well and truly beaten in all of our encounters with Blackburn.

We had a decent win in midweek which hopefully will see Bianchi get the nod up front (unless Eriksson goes with 4-4-2, which I doubt) and will look to pick at least a point from this game following the defeat last week against Arsenal.

I feel we should be good enough to pick a point up, but do have a suspicion that we will come away with all three today and take us to sneak this 1-0.

Observer prediction.

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Anonymous said...

Arrgh wish i could be confident about this one but i know what blackburn are like and the memory of last season's fa cup debacle is still burnt in my mind. praying things will be different this time tho.

p.s spare a thought for me slavin in a kitchen in chorlton listenin to it on a knackered radio.

Anonymous said...

Well, that was a crap prediction!

Don't give up the day job.