Monday, September 03, 2007

Blackburn 1 City 0

'More beautiful than dangerous' was Sven's ascertion following yesterday's defeat at Ewood Park, and whilst the 'bully-boy' tag labelled at Blackburn is a touch dramatic in my estimation it was perhaps a little bit of a lesson for some of the new players on some of the harsher elements of the Premier League.

Sven believes that we will be ok and is not overly concerned at the defeat, a reflection on the same attitude he had conversely after the opening three wins. There are concerns over a lack of creativity or cutting edge however, and there is also the view that Andreas Isaksson will be welcomed back more eagerly than he may have been a couple of games or so ago.

However, the next five fixtures we have are Aston Villa, Fulham, Newcastle, Middlesbrough and Birmingham and after ten games of this season this should provide a more accurate look at how we may fare over the course of a whole season.


The South African’s strike was enough to give Mark Hughes’ side the edge against City in a rousing encounter. - Manchester Evening News.

It is far too early to say that Eriksson’s grand plans for a City renaissance are off the rails. - The Independent.

Sven-Goran Eriksson’s honeymoon period at Manchester City is well and truly over and the former England manager has to be dismayed by the sharp downturn in their level of performance. - Guardian.

Blackburn Rovers should have won at a canter, so incisive was their play, so inviting were the countless chances they created, so haphazard was City’s defending. - The Times.

BBC interviews:

Sven-Goran Eriksson and Mark Hughes.

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Wigan Blue said...

The Times has been steadfastly tiresome, and the very, very ex- Manchester Guardian (now solely Salford and London Guardian) no longer has a place on the doormat being cosily peed on by the cats.

That said, the Micah and Richard show hit the buffers big-time. They just had a bad day.

Sven should have known better, and it's a little worrying that he didn't do enough homework to know that a team a team with that dirty shit as manager, and that cheating prick Savage in it would ever let City play football.

But you're right Danny. Let's hope it's a wake-up call. The team (especially the new members), have to realise that the Blackburns, Boltons and Wigans of this world are always going to do stuff like this, and that the team is going have to learn how to overcome such negative tactics.

No good writhing in the opposition's penalty area appealing for a penalty, when the opposition are banging the ball into our net at the other end of the pitch.

Also hope the Dunnymonster has a little word with Corluka about the importance of tackling back - because the middle two can't do everything.

Anonymous said...

What a load of tosh you write Wigan Blue. City were outplayed, outfought and out manoevered in every single department by a well drilled and talented side. You may slate Hughes and Savage but if City had given Eriksson what the Blackburn players gave Hughes then City would be the ones who put the ball in the net and who squandered at least 5 good chances to destroy City. City players should aspire to everything that Blackburn are. Rovers fight the fight fairly and play incisive attacking football, they dont play pretty boy passing sqaure ball like Hamman and co. Thats the difference, you are not incisive enough and were found wanting BADLY. get over it now man, Rovers simply brushed your team aside again and again. its a repetetive theme when you play at Ewood, ie you lose. The same will become your lot when we visit the council owned manchester stadium in Eastlands, we will simply out football you out muscle you and outscore you. Its plain and simple. BRFC are a smaller outfit than City in stature alone, what they are much better at is footbal and the results business. Oh by the way, you must really be in a minority as the City fans I was with could only admire the way little old Blackburn beat the football living daylights out of your multi million pound outfit.

Get over it and move on, Blackburn are a team destined for Europe whereas City can only hanker the dream.

BRFC Supporter, Leyland.

Anonymous said...

"Blackburn are a team destined for Europe"

Why, is there a war on?

Anonymous said...

seems like your other fans agree wigan blue as they dont contradict my comments.

see ya at the council owned manchester stadium.


Wigan Blue said...

Dream on Mr Anonymous

Mark Hughes is one of the dirtiest little weasels to have squirmed his way out of Old Trafford. His team have never been coached with the better aspects of that scum side - only the negatives. Sledge the ref at every opportunity. Dive at the first sign of a tackle coming in. Push the opposing keeper out of line from a corner.

It doesn't matter my friend - you are going nowhere. We are going to be Champions in four years time.

The stadium is no longer owned by the council - Frankie paid it off. We're the only Premiership team without a debt - in contrast with our Salford neighbours with £800 million and rising.