Thursday, August 02, 2007

Manchester City buy - erm everybody !

Triple signing news !!!! (how long have i waited to say that)

In Chronological order :

Javi Garrido - 22 yr old left back from Real Sociedads

Verdan Corluka - Centre/Right Back from Dinamo Zagreb

Elano - Midfielder 8million from Skaktar Dontesk - hailed by Dunga 'the symbol of the new brazil'

Official Site keep pressing refresh Valeri Bojinov is bound to pop up in a minute or two.

Strange feeling of excitement a bit of giddyness , this is all very un-city like. Fortunately im on holiday next week and will come back to Warnock in charge or something like that and feel a bit more normal ??

Viva La Sven !


Valeri Bojinov talks about his move here ("I'm disappointed but life goes on") and here ("I'd like to thank Mr Eriksson for this transfer"), and the official City site rounds up what was surely the busiest day news wise we have had for sometime.

Profiles of the new arrivals are over at

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Kartik said...

As Danny predicted two months ago, and inspite of the efforts of the cynical elements in the English media, Sven's credibility on the international football scene is very high, and we are now getting the type of talent in their prime years (not the type of over aged big names Keagan signed) we as City supporters could have never dreamed of.

Agreed! Viva La Sven!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sven must be giving each of these blokes a load of rubbish to get them to sign with us. Perhaps they believe they are signing with United? Even if Sven is being dishonest more power to him. It is about time we had some quality on the side and not just street thugs like Barton and Thatcher.

Anonymous said...

Hold on.... I'm not normally one to say slow down, but it's going to take a full season to stitch these boys together as a team. Of course, a patched up squad will probably be enough to do the business against the scum at home, but we are going to need consistency. And strategy. And tactics. Lookin' good team!