Thursday, August 02, 2007

Barton charged with assault

The Newcastle midfielder Joey Barton has been charged with
assault following his alleged training-ground bust-up with former team-mate
Ousmane Dabo. Barton, who is claimed to have attacked Dabo at the end of last
season when he was still at Manchester City, was formally charged with assault
by police after answering bail in Manchester today.
- The Guardian.

Not an entirely surprising story, but perhaps pleasing that it is someone else's problem now rather than ours and just serves as a reminder as to just how much progress has been made with the squad over the past month given what a huge hole his transfer appeared to create in the midfield, not to mention his status as top goalscorer last season

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Anonymous said...

about time he got charged for something, the cocky little git. I can see him coming out for gillingham in about 3 years. hope so.

Anonymous said...

I maintane he was still our best player last year and he played for US. How quickley some forget.

Anonymous said...

Should be fun to see how many of his "former" team-mates stand up for him, not to mention Stuart Pearce...especially after the picture was published as well...hopefully, if found guilty, they will make the example everyone is crying out for...let's see Fat Sam's and Willie McKay's faces then...will be almost as good as a MasterCard advert...priceless...