Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Uncorfirmed Rumour !!

Taken from an italian site - states that we have signed Emerse Fae from french club Nantes.

Anbody who is fluent in italian is welcome to translate !! A fee of around 4 million Euro's ?

See if its confirmed in the next couple of days.

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Anonymous said...

Here's a Babel Fish translation:

The ivoriano centrocampista of the Nantes Emerse Fae is officially a player of the Manchester City: cost of the operation, 4 million euro.

Bangkok Blue

Anonymous said...

He is a real good player

Pierandrea said...

Incredible! I've send email to director. You must see also
a German web site... Petrov is already our!

betterdeadthanred said...

i hope dis is tru and if it is nice 1 sven, dis guy iz supposed 2 be da beez kneez!!!!

Anonymous said...

Speak english

Anonymous said...

4 miilion sounds like a lot for a translation, but give me a few minutes

Anonymous said...

Im pretty sure Danny, the author of Bitter and Blue is Italian... Danny can you help please !!

Anonymous said...

check this out,

looks like castillos in our squad according to this team sheet ha, do they know something we dont??

Anonymous said...

on the emerse fae site why hasn't
it came on sky sports news and on that other website about petrov it says we have sighed castillo i hope both websites are telling the truth

Anonymous said...

type in on google football talents
go on the one what says translate this page you will see more about fae at city comfirmed and about chelini comming to manchester for talks

Anonymous said...

my mate went to the city shop and saw dyer looking around the stadium
no joke and 5mins a go on sky sports news it said man city have completed the signing of fae and on fussball transfers on the internet

Anonymous said...

i'm a french's fan of city and i would have some news about trabelsi? has he found a club?

Anonymous said...

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