Thursday, July 26, 2007

City beat Spurs for Martin Petrov signing

The 28yr old LEFT WINGER !!! has signed for City on a three year deal for 4.7 million.

City have beaten off stiff competion from amongst others Spurs to land the Bulgarian International.

Alistair Mackintosh put it down to the sven factor !

A youtube taster

With a couple of Italians, plus a striker possibly still to come in im buzzing like an ann summers party for the start of the new season.

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Anonymous said...

You wont get more than 10 games out of him before his Knee goes again...

Anonymous said...

Bloke is 28 never played for a top club so signing for Man City he has not changed the tradition.

Spurs signed a better player yesterday in Danny Rose to be honest.Rose is even better than Lennon.

Petrov represents nothing more than mediocrity.

One of those players looks good on the ball but will achieve nothing.

Anonymous said...

Dont be put off by the bitter Spurs fans on here, looks like you got a decent player for a decent price, just hope for your sake he's not like Rommedahl at Charlton.

Anonymous said...

Get your facts right!!! he failed a medical at Spurs yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Correct he did fail a medical at Spurs and now the poor bloke thinks he has signed for Man United !!!

Although he plays on the left, too injury prone wont last five minutes....

Anonymous said...

I'm a spurs fan and I have to say I'm a bit gutted not to get him really. On his day, he's a class act. He'll do well for you!

Anonymous said...

soft southerners, dry your tears. you already have a good side. you can't win everything. grow up and support your team. its finally getting easier to support city at last. Martin Petrov is a blue, is a blue, is a blue.. he loves City.

Anonymous said...

How sad are the spurs fans They miss out on one player and the toys get thrown from the pram. Go back to your own sites and wash your hands before your mum shouts you down for tea. You sad siuthern muppets

Anonymous said...

If Spurs were really after him he would have gone to Spurs.

I think even the bluest City fan knows that.

Anonymous said...

I'm a spurs fan, and I think city have done well. The parallels between the clubs (sides with a rich football history needing to stick it up their neighbours from hell) means I have a bit of a soft spot for City (and Everton). I would have liked Petrov. I don't know if the medical stuff is true or bitterness, but I think he's worth the gamble at that price. It's just frustrating that we have still to replace Ginola. More signings to come for you boys?

Anonymous said...

LOL, being a spurs fan i have to laugh at reasons behind why man city fans think they got petrov...£80,000 a week thats bloody iv heard he failed his man city fans dont get too big headed eh.

Its a joke that he would go there for any other disrespect intended, but if you read the spurs blogs ..petrov was quoted saying "i want spurs move" "spurs come and get me" etc...he obviously got greedy.

Anonymous said...

good luck to city with petrov, I just hope that Spurs have someone else lined up because we need a leftie. We shouldn't be upset that we didn't land this transfer but thats Spurs fans for you. We are getting impatient to get back with the big boys and despite our buying we are 2 players short of being CL contenders - a left winger and a dominant central midfielder. Could be the year for Huddlestone to make it big.

Anonymous said...

city are a team on the down, don't get ideas above your station. Your not united! your welcome to the old timer and his dodgy knees! on behalf of the mighty spurs!

RS Brown said...

"city are a team on the down" oh of course we are. We have pretty much the most successful academy in the country, some of the best home-made young players coming through, a multi-millionaire in charge, a manager who has won the double in 3 different leagues.

I've nowt against Spurs but have you ever considered the head size comparison between Martin Jol and Joe Royle?

Anonymous said...

that you pete?

Anonymous said...

am I bovvered?
does this face look bovvered?
I ain't even bovvered....

Anonymous said...

Spurs have to be bitter fans to go our blog. you sad cockney rent boys see you in at COMS this year thats if you lot have bottle or will mummy and daddy not allow you up north to play with the big boys

Anonymous said...

So Man City have a millionaire in charge..oh dear..we are scared and ever so worried.

Obviously you are out of touch son..Spurs have the second richest owner for a Premiership club for the last 5 seasons now.

Last time Sven won a title he was the manager of Lazio and with a crook in charge (Signor Cragnotti) after 3 years and 200 million (Pounds that is)down the road he won the title for them.

And from then on Lazio 3 times almost wound up and went bankrupt.

Now they are potless as you will be 3 years later..then again you are used to it anyway.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

when was the last time Spurs won the league?

3-0 up and you fucked it up.

wonder if Berbatov will follow his bezzie mate to join the revolution?

mind you, he'd struggle to get on the bench at COMS.

Anonymous said...

Coz the same bloody blog is also in Spurs page you dick...

Northern thicko..

Anonymous said...

Simon Says: "We have pretty much the most successful academy in the country, some of the best home-made young players coming through"

What the Fuck ?!!

Erm, a brummie called Micah Richards and a now departed scouser called Joey Barton


You Northern Spunk Monkey

Priceless, absolutely Pricelss

What's even funnier is your mananger is Sven Gorm Eriksson, hahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

Anonymous said...

How do you even know that we were interested in him? Don't believe everything you read in the media.

Anonymous said...


The only thing BIG about northerners are their bellies

Anonymous said...

I've nothing against Citeh, and advise fellow yids to be nicer to our generous northern pals

.. they've always been a guaranteed 6 points!!

Anonymous said...

spurs should be scared, very scared because Shitty, i mean City are on the up

even Thaksin has stated that they are to sign 2 well known internationals.......from thailand!!

Sum-yung-guy and Ladyboy-Roy

Happy Days!

Anonymous said...

city have nothing to be smug about, You're buying mediocre foreign players and paying shedloads in wages to get them. Hardly a revolution, more a misguided mess. And with Sven in charge I can't wait for you to get into europe via the fair play league then loose 3-0 to some macedonian 2nd division team lol

manchester city - a poor mans chelsea

Anonymous said...

You Spurs boys won't have a problem. Just put Mido on the wing. All your problems solved!

Remember another City player failing a medical and we signed him three days later. The medical was at Leeds. The player was Asa Hartford.

Just occasionally we do things right.....

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