Friday, July 13, 2007

Rolando starts the revolution.

Sven starts his Manchester City spending spree with the signing of Rolando Bianchi , the fee has been left undisclosed but is believed to be about 8.8 million.

The striker who scored an impressive 18 times for Reggina in Serie A last season stated that it was the involvement of Sven and his exciting plans for Manchester City that swung him towards Eastlands.

Meanwhile city are understood to have joined the race for Porto skipper Lucho Gonzalez. Gonzalez is currently playing for Argentina in the Copa America will command a fee of no less than 13.5 million.

And too think not so long ago we couldn't raise the 300k to get Craig Hignett !!

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Anonymous said...

i can not decide if bianci is a good buy or not there seems to be an element of risk by SGE that i didnt think he took is this a case of sven being shrewd or has he missed out on his top targets i for one am glad he missed out on utaka cant see how he was going for that kind of money

SoccerShoutPhil said...

Hopefully Sven isn't dyslexic and thought he was buying Ronaldo.

Anonymous said...

Well, I personally wouldn't mind if Sven decides to do the Rolandos combo by buying Portuguese sub-21 international Rolando from Os Belenenses. A strong central defender with an outstanding pace and stamina and definitively cheaper than most other players in his role.

(even though this will weaken a lot my Portuguese team since we've already let the other central defender go to Saint-Etienne)

The Man In Blue said...

bianchi is a gamble yes - but consider his positives. he's young strong, prolific on left or right, 3 yards out or 30.
he's not an over the hill donkey looking for a last ticket on the gravy train, hes a hungry player who will want to succeed.
people have brought up his pre-reggina record but that misses the fact that he was injured for almost a year.
lets get behind him and see what he can do.