Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pre-season fixtures taking shape

Well sort of. A couple of dates have been announced that will see us undertake a short trip to our new manager's homeland for games against Orgryte IS and Carlstad United which should be a gentle addition to our pre-season schedule which also sees visits to Doncaster and Shrewsbury.

Current fixture list for the forthcoming season.

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Anonymous said...

We've got to go to Shrewsbury as part of Joey Hart's transfer deal. They should go abroad - just for the change, and to get them hyped up. Doncaster? That was Keegan's choice. They kicked our lads up in the air last time. Not a good idea now we're aiming for the top!

weenie said...

Let's hope one of the pre-seasons doesn't end up being City vs Sing- Sing Prison XI, Thailand!