Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Barton bailed again

Joey Barton was re-bailed on Wednesday by police
investigating an alleged assault on a former team-mate during a training ground
The England and Newcastle United midfielder allegedly attacked
fellow player Ousmane Dabo.
Barton was due to answer bail on Wednesday but
was rebailed until August 2 while police make further inquiries.

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Anonymous said...

joeys history who gives a toss

Anonymous said...

OK Mr dabo - yes he's history. Any thoughts of moving to a league with a slower pace? I know the lower pay and actually having to do something will come as a shock, but since you got rid of our leading goalscorer and best midfielder, don't you feel you owe it to us to ask for a transfer?

Danny Pugsley said...

Not quite history as regards being a City issue, given that should this end up in court the vast majority of our squad could end up as key witnesses.