Sunday, July 29, 2007

Charleroi 2 City 0

The first dent in the bright, new era then as we fell 2-0 in yesterday's friendly in Belgium to put a slight dampener on the heady optimism enjoyed over the past couple of weeks.

Only a brief report on, with it suggesting that we were perhaps a little unlucky to end up with a defeat, although the sentance 'City had the best of the remainder of the match, however they could not create enough decent chances' is slightly concerning based on the majority of viewing over last season.

Looking at the line-up it shows just how inexperienced the holdovers from last season in midfield are, and I doubt we will see a defensive line-up this season again featuring Mills & Mills as it looks as though Eriksson was using this game as a chance for certain players to prove themselves as we head towards the final week of pre-season preperations.

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Anonymous said...

Well I was there on Saturday, and Charleroi are a pretty decent team. We were behind the goal for where the two goals were scored in the first half, and it was a blatant penalty, with loads of shirt pulling going on. The second goal was a very good goad. The two mills's were skinned by the Charleroi attack. THere were probably a couple of thousand city fans there, and apart from the result it was a pretty good day out. Where else can you sit watching a football game with a glass of beer in your hand smoking a fag? What was more disconcerting to me was the way we were treated after the game. It was supposed to be a friendly but they had police in full riot gear with the riot dogs and even a water cannon. We were prevented from crossing a road (supposedly for our own safety)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the match report Mark. I suspect the choice of full backs says it all.

The Charleroi police were probably expecting a kick-about with no away supporters. One of the guys on overtime to police the match must have phoned his boss as he was having a siesta - "Hey boss you've got to get down here to see this!" The police chief obviously misheard and thought he said "You've got to get down here with reinforcements"

Obviously it was the fancy dress that threw them!

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