Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bianchi deal 'done'

"Mr Eriksson called me personally and told me he wanted me
at any cost. He told me 'come and we will be watched by 50,000 fans every
Saturday and we want to be in Europe'.
"When he just mentioned the word
Europe, I had a big feeling. Nothing was moving in Italy so I had to take this
Earlier reports of him signing appear to have been a little premature, and was probably a case of his club (Reggina) jumping the gun a little but the club have confirmed the deal on the website earlier today. The move will occur too late for him to feature in the opening pre-season game at Doncaster, but he should make his debut before too long.

It should be interesting from the current squad who Eriksson will look to pair with him, but it is disappointing that Daniel Sturridge has had an injury setback and likely will miss the trip to Sweden.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds as though we've got a striker. I think that once we get our midfield firing, we probably only do need one. He can pair up with Mpenza, or hopefully Samaras (if Sven's got the lads head together). Even Corradi, who I was interested to see from an Italian poster on the MEN site 'was never a striker, but a holder and layer off of the ball'. And Darius could finally come into his own. So far so good.