Monday, June 04, 2007

Ranieri takes charge at Juve

I expected the stories linking the vacant job at Juve with Claudio Ranieri to be nothing more than idle speculation - especially given the comments attributed to him that appeared to suggest he had all but taken the City job (in principle at least), but today's announcement that he has succeeded Didier Deschamps at the newly-promoted side was certainly a shock and has left most Blues in a state of flux.

No real reasons have come out thus far to suggest his reasons for taking the Juve job over he City one (merely some hyperbole at the press conference), so it appears that either:

a) He was keen to take the City job, and may have tentatively agreed to take charge, only for the lure of the Juve post to turn his head at the last minute.

Or perhaps more worryingly,

b) He became disenchanted/concerned at the time the takeover appears to be taking and decided he couldn't wait around for something that may not come to fruition - particularly with an offer from Juve landing on his doorstep.

It has certainly put people in pessimistic mood, with a shortlist of Ranieri, Houllier, Eriksson etc now appearing to comprise Jewell, Warnock and Souness.

Perhaps ofmost concern is that this is now throwing weight behind the rumour that the Shinawatra takeover is soon to be dead in the water - leading to the prospect of the current board remaining in charge and scratching around for a replacement for Pearce (how foolish would they then appear) echoing a situation just over ten years ago when Alan Ball arrived at the club ludicrously late in the day to try and assemble a side with little or no budget.

Yet again though, our board are remaining extremely quiet over the whole affair - not even so much as a 'We are conducting a thorough search for the next manager and have targets in sight' type message, leaving most to the conclusion that there is nothing but confusion reigning at the club at the present time.

The silence is beginning to speak volumes.

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Guy Debord said...

I am wearying at all these digs at the current board over this whole affair. Of course the board aren't commenting they're not allowed to and as for the idea they should be lining up managerial candidates when they may not be around in a week it's ludicrous. We'll know something in two weeks. Until then we know nothing.

Kartik said...

Well Sven is still out there and also Houllier. Let's hope it's one of those two.

Anonymous said...


I've got a £500 season ticket tied up with this. And I'm wearying very much at the boards total lack of communication. Are they haggling over pence on the price of a share. Because if they are, and we go into freefall, the shares are going to be worth buttons. And my season ticket is going to be worth the same.

So don't give me that sh|t.

Anonymous said...

The official website has just posted a message anouncing advanced discussions which may lead to an offer being made with news to follow.

Anonymous said...

It was interesting to hear (from Juve sources) that City's salary offer to Ranieri was considerably better than Juve's. That should at least give us an outside chance of getting someone like Ramos. Wait for La Liga to finish before you start panicking. This could all end up very nicely for us.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the odds on the following are..

1. The takeover to collapse

2. Neil Warnock to be in charge for City's first game of the season

3. Chris Morgan to be the first signing for Neil Warnock.

Anonymous said...

Anyone want a fight?

Because that's exactly how I feel at the moment. Any of those Blackley. Prestwich or Gorton bad lads in the mood? Because my heart is broken at the minute., What the hell am I going to do?