Sunday, June 03, 2007

Barton heading to Newcastle

Sky Sports News understands that Joey Barton will sign for
Newcastle United on Monday - assuming that captain Scott Parker completes his
own move to West Ham.
Sam Allardyce has instigated a transfer merry-go-round
since arriving on Tyneside and, having opted to allow Parker to return to
London, is on the brink of signing Manchester City's controversial midfielder
Sky Sports

It appears that Barton will arrive as Scott Parker departs St. James' Park for West Ham, bringing a disappointing end to his City career.

It was inevitable that he was on his way out of the club, and the only thankful bit of news is that we appear to have received the £5.5 million 'asking price' as stipulated in his contract. Hopefully, once the takeover business has been resolved, this money will be earmarked for his replacement - something that will be sorely needed.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I hope Barton isn't as crazy as Hady. Mind you, to play for us.....he could be.

Anonymous said...

Never mind about bloody Barton, what about this rumour about Souness becoming manager?! Or Thaskin's takeover going belly up?

No mention of that on this blog. Is this blog writtem by Wardle?

And say the new manager would have wanted Barton to stay? Why get rid of him now???

Will the last person out of COMS please turn off the light.

Unknown said...

i think this is an a great decision!!! if barton comes to newcastle there will be hell let loose!! He has a temper but his temper was to be controlled, his gameplay and teamwork skills in football are great! And i heard the price tag of 5.5 million in his clause is not a bad price either. Considering we sell Parker at a profit of 1.5 million or 2.5 million would be good to the toon army!!!

Anonymous said...

There is no God but Colin Bell. Oh,and... erm.... er Rodney, Rodney, rodney, Rodney,Rodney Marsh.

Anonymous said...

not sure if hadys comments (above)were a direct response to the rumour of the anti christ's (Souness) arrival but I reckon you'll need more than that to keep you up if he is appointed- good luck - geordie

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. I've made a right bloody mess of things.


John Wardle.

PS. Anyone want to buy a football club?

Anonymous said...

hady , does allah play up front ? or more of an attacking midfield role ?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

"It was inevitable that he was on his way out of the club"

Yeah - what other club would sell their leading goalscorer when the club's scored the lowest number of goals ever. Make sense to you?

Me neither.

Anonymous said...

Great! We always play better without that pile rubbish and his violent conduct anyhow.

Anonymous said...

Violent conduct?

You have no conception. If my season ticket money is spent watching freeloaders like D'Abo get us relegated then you'll see some serious violent conduct.

Anonymous said...

Yes - it seems it's true.

Our Chairman is selling our leading goalscorer. A move on a par with everything else that's happened this close season. Well done JW - this puts you way below Peter Swales. Frannie - can't you come back and slap these fools?