Friday, June 15, 2007

Lord Stevens Report : Allardyce, Redknapp and McKay are bent*

Well there's a surprise eh ?

Stevens also confirmed the pope is catholic and bears do indeed shit in the woods.

Nice to good old Willie McKay up to his eyes in it as well, particularly interesting that he registered a race horse in the name of a certain Harry Redknapp. Allthough the real Mr Redknapp never benefitted from it, he said so himself, and you know how the cockney press love the spiv.

Newcastle, Bolton and Chelsea seem to be heart of the enquiry along with Pini Zahavi and the much loved Willie McKay.

From what I have read so far at lot of clubs supporters (particularly) those named and shamed think there clubs will escape punishment. It will be interesting to see what happens and the thing to remember is that clubs that have allowed payments to be made to unlicensed agents have had an advantage over the more scrupulous clubs in the transfer market. Allowing the cheats to potentially prosper.

So expect the FA to do nothing, just ask Sheffield United.

* or have at least been named into an enquiry into corruption.

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Anonymous said...

God, the guys a cunt, anyone have a picture of him? i'm so fucking happy he's been found out.

Anonymous said...

"Let the sun shine in,
Take it with a grin,
Grafters never lose,
Divers always win"

Name of the game nowadays....