Monday, May 14, 2007

New kit revealed

Hmm, not sure of the look of this one.

The deal signed with Le Coq Sportif is believed to be worth £10 million over four years (double the Reebok one), and also has a tie in with Sergio Tacchini and Ecko in relation to a line of leisure wear.

Kudos to the club though in pegging their prices at around £30 for an adult shirt and £19 for a junior one.

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Kartik said...

I'm seeing more and more pinstripes on football kit shirts. The USA just added pinstripes to the national team shirt which caused an outcry but also made Nike money as people like me have to have the current kit. Same for City. This will be second consecutive year with a new kit, and of course I will buy it. Reebok kept a consistent top until this season with the white sleeves.

Anonymous said...

I like this one, much prefer the sky blue.

I just couldn't bring myself to wear the old shirts, especially the away one with the fake six pack.

Agree with the pricing as well, makes a change for a club to lower prices, although the cynic in me feels it is also something to with the change of shirts yearly rather than bi yearly as is usually the case.

Anonymous said...

Have we done away with the black and yellow kits as well?

Anonymous said...

Yes there will be 2 newaway kits released later this year on top of at least one goalkeeper kit possably 2 considering that the colour of the new goalie kit is similar to most keeper kits in the prem also with the home shirt included theres a possible 5 kits

Anonymous said...

Will we have blue or white shorts again? i personally HATE the all blue kits, white shorts look much better, and as for the away kits, i hate to be a traditionalist, but i love the "AC Milan of the North West" red and black stripes meself!

Anonymous said...

Look OK to me. Sky (not Laser Blue) which is how it should be. It has to be white shorts (or they wouldn't match the handout scarves would they?

I liked the red and black eventually (when we won the cup in it) but when it first appeared the Kippax kept up a chant of "We don't like Red" for thirty minutes.

I also liked the maroon away kits. But why do we actually need away kits? We don't clash with anybody now, and could just change shorts as required. 'The shirt' is sky blue. We are City!

ps Anyone else prefer the Ship & Rose to the Eagles?