Monday, February 05, 2007

Now it makes sense !

Following on from transfer deadline striker debate, a possible explanation for Martin Jol 11.30 change of heart was revealed in yesterdays Mail on Sunday.

Jol apparently locked out the Manchester City club doctor to tell Mido he wasn't going anywhere after his goal Vs. Arsenal, but more importantly Jol revealed that Spurs were going to take Bernado Corradi as part of the deal.

Maybe we have been a bit harsh on Pearce and the board if they came within 15 minutes of pulling that one off.

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Anonymous said...

No, we (the fans) were not too harsh.
Pearce and the board are representing a professional football club in the premiership. They should have had a back-up target striker.

In my job, if plan A doesn't work, I don't need to worry too much because I will always have a plan B. Its called "being a professional".

Pearce for the sack! ;)

Anonymous said...

What a joke you’re having. We are not being too harsh. We are talking about a premiership football club here. We should not be waiting around to the last night of the transfer window when we are so desperate for a striker. It embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

My fellow sufferers... sometimes - a realistic outlook will make you feel a bit better about things. Firstly, for the plan A/B guy... Truth be told, there are no 'back up' strikers knocking about at the moment that'd get into my Sunday team... and we dont have the money to buy young strikers with 'potential' also we dont have the appeal to attract a real class act. So unfortunately we're in a bit of a rut. But if we do have our own potential in Sturridge, and im still hoping (fingers crossed) that Samaras, will turn out to be the player we've seen glimpses of. Bottom line - we cannot force people to play for us. Which isnt down to Pearce - but down to years of wallowing between divisions and poor management. So my Q is... Pearce to be sacked for who?...........Hmmmm.

And for the guy below Plan A/B guy, who would YOU buy, and for how much?

With the HUGE amounts of money being paid for players these days, we should be grateful that our manager has enough about him, to hold onto our best players even tho people are knocking on the door.