Saturday, February 03, 2007

Just Enough Rope

Now I have already gone on record as saying I don't think The England U21 job should interfere too much with Stuart Pearce's ability too manage Manchester City. If a recent M.E.N. poll is anything to go by I am in a very small minority. The vast majority of message boards and phone ins have actually seen calls for him to go and do the job full time , and they are the kinder one's !!

So this doesn't really help his cause :

Not very cute stu ?

A time and a place eh Stu ?

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Anonymous said...

time to go

Anonymous said...

No use complaining about the failure to sign a striker. What is more concerning is the naivety of the tactics.We had much of the early possession but persisted in running straight into the packed and well organised central defence instead of spreading the approach wider and thinning their defence. Our wing backs were 'back' too much but their defnsive work was poor and their wide attacking play rare. Is this down to Wigley? Even so Stu is responsible and what is Bunn noting down from his position on Level 2. But what do we know never having played pro football!
Blue for 1/2 Century

Anonymous said...

Our formation on Saturday was more of a 5-3-2 rather then a 3-5-2. And I think you will find there is every point in complaining about not signing a striker. Saturday just showed why we needed a striker so badly in the transfer window. Now for the club to wait until the last night of the window is a disgrace. It was obvious that the deal would fall through. All it would have taken is a injury to Mido, Keane or Defoe who where playing that night for the deal to collapse. Also for a sudden change of heart as what happened. What annoys me most is we have a good sound basing of a team in Distin, Dunne, Richards, Barton, Ireland. All we need is a half decent striker to push is into top half. And this is the reason why people like Distin will leave.
I would like to say though another awesome performance from Ste Ireland again on Saturday. Turning into a quality player.