Monday, September 25, 2006

City 2 West Ham 0

Crisis? What crisis!

Three points, a clean sheet and all is well in the world of City eh?!

As I said this week when the vultures were beginning to circle around Stuart Pearce after the Chesterfield debacle, it is ultimately a results based business and he needs to put some wins on the board.

And there was no better time to start than on Saturday. Admittedly, a West Ham side themselves lacking confidence and struggling to adjust (on and off the pitch) with the high profile signings of Mascherano and Tevez were not the sternest of tests, but hopefully beating them will put an end to the miserable run that effectively started when they dumped us out of the FA Cup last season.

Team wise, I was glad that Corradi and Samaras were given another opportunity together and it paid dividends with Samaras scoring both of the goals. Of all the strikers on the books at the moment, Samaras for me is the one who is the 'purest' goal scorer that we have and Corradi could be a good foil for him, and suggests the decision to play him on the left at the start of the season was not a wise one.

Somewhat of a surprise though that Ishmael Miller got the start ahead of DaMarcus Beasley, and points to the fact either Pearce is not filled with confidence in him or he is not fully fit - which begs the question why did we pick him? For me Miller can be best described as 'raw' at this point of his career, but credit to him for his role in the opening goal - although he was a touch fortunate that his shot/cross made it's way to Samaras, who took both goals extremely well.

Pleasing that there was a clean sheet as well, and West Ham failed to get a shot on target during the whole ninety minutes and it extends our sound defensive run this season. Given our miserable away form in recent times, it demonstrates how impressive - not to mention important the home form (on the whole) has been.

Tougher tests no doubt loom on the horizon in recent weeks than yesterday, but it is important that this is now built on, with some confidence and momentum taken forward as recent history tells us this City side is not blessed with success in putting back to back performances together.

But confidence is a wonderful thing in sport, and we do have the players at the club who are capable of helping the side be a success in the Premier League.

They just need to start showing it on a consistent basis.

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Kartik said...

Somewhat of a surprise though that Ishmael Miller got the start ahead of DaMarcus Beasley, and points to the fact either Pearce is not filled with confidence in him or he is not fully fit - which begs the question why did we pick him?

Good question. Beasley has been under intense scrutiny here in the States for his lack of effort on defense and his nagging injuries. However, his work ethic can never be questioned, and he remains a potent attacking player. But Pearce is either looking for a quick spark, or DeMarcus isn't fully fit which seems to be a constant problem with him and Reyna. (and most of the better American footballers also.....the number of nagging injuries affecting prominent national team players for the US is quite startling)

Kinkladze said...

Miller had an ok game. Maybe a bit slow to a few of the balls when he had it stolen off him but a good starting point.
Still has a lot more to learn but good thing about city is that the fans never get on a academy players back when he is coming through the ranks and still learning his trade.
Beasley will be an intresting one but think that we wont see much off him. Reyna on the left is defo not the answer. Maybe when our new right back gets fit and starts to play move Richards to right wing where he would cause many defenses in the prem problems and Sinclair on the left side of midfield. Glad to see a good attendance on Sat Vs West Ham. nearly didnt get into car park. Was expecting much less considering we only got 41,000 for the Arsenal!
Lets just hope we can get a draw at Everton who are still unbeaten.

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