Thursday, September 21, 2006

Chesterfield 2 City 1

Well, what can you say?

Even given our patchy form this season, and our habitual capitulation against lower lague sides, most of us expected to still go through last night (although maybe not as comfortable as my 3-0 prediction).

Yet once again we are out at the first stage of a competition which offers both the best chance of silverware and the most realistic avenue into European football. All this from a game in which taking the lead shortly before half time should have ensured that we came out for the second half and put the game beyond doubt.

Once Chesterfield pulled it back to 1-1 though, there was a great worry that they would add a second - and when it came I never expected us to get back into the game and force extra time, let along go on and win the game.

There appears to be real lack of belief in the side in games such as this, and looking at the substitutions made it was more of a case of 'let's see what happens' as opposed to any real tactical thought. Worryingly there also are rumours circulating round that Pearce has lost the dressing room and that Joey Barton didn't endear himself to Pearce or the crowd (again) last night.

Despite more opinions (some on this site) that it is time for Pearce to go, I think that it would be a premature move at this stage and he deserves more time to get his best side out on the pitch as we have not been blessed with too much luck on the injury front.

It certainly doesn't appear that Pearce will resign - given his bullish post-game comments, but the real worry is is that once the media get hold of something they will run with it until they move onto another target. This invariably results in a snowball effect that the more the media will focus on the issue, the more it is out in the public domain and the more the weight of opinion against Pearce will grow and it seems that Alan Curbishley has always been touted as a possible replacement. It also has ends up being a negatitive side-show over everything that goes on at the club on a day to day basis

The only way to remove the issue and prevent it from being a cloud that hangs over the club is to win games and begin to climb the table. However, recent form in no way suggests that this is in any way likely meaning it will be difficult for Pearce and the club to properly focus on on field matters.

It is fast becoming an issue though that needs to be resolved.

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Anonymous said...

As someone once remarked, Pearce has more coaching badges than National Express, yet I'm continually surprised and a little disappointed by the reasonable, fair-talking man that I see on camera after games. I thought I was getting a psycho. And I think, in the absence of cash for motivated top-drawer players, that's the side of his character that now needs to come out in public. He may do it in the dressing room, and as a decent man think that's enough. But in these days of media scavenging, it's not. Bollock and humiliate people in public with your eyes wide and staring. You'll get favourable headlines, instill fear in the players, and may actually get the lazy bastards to play like they meant it. Players read and believe the papers, too, you know. Yes, they're that stupid. Just ask Joey "England star" Barton.

Kartik said...

Well said, Danny!

It is dissapointing not only that we dropped to Chesterfield and thus lose the opportunity the League Cup provides us to gain a UEFA cup spot, but even more so because Pearce choose to play our regulars, levaing a tired squad for West Ham this weekend.

Alan Curbishley is the top of every potential list for a job opening, but given the shape he left Charlton in after last season, I would like to give Pearce until December to right the ship. Sure by then Curbishley will be off the market but hopefully we will have turned the tables on the campaign.

One positive note. It was nice to Samaras score a goal yesterday. Hopefully he can continue this positive form forward because we have nobody else right now who is a natural goal scorer.

(P.S. last night here in the USA I popped a tape in the VCR of last seasons 3-1 win over United where Vassel and Sinclair both looked awesome. Hopefully they can return to form of some sort in the upcoming weeks.)

Anonymous said...

Kartik, you cannot possibly believe that Curbishley would not be substantial improvement over Pearce? You make some excellent statements otherwise, but this point that Curbishley left Charlton in bad form is utter rubbish when contrasted with the form Pearce left city in at the end of the last season. Pearce never has had any business managing this club with his limited experience and his timid resoponses on camera.

Pearce should resign if we do not defeat West Ham at Eastlands.

Danny Pugsley said...

Curbishley is a no for me. I don't see that he proved anything at Charlton apart from taking a small-ish club on a limited budget to mid-table finishes.

If Pearce is to go (and I'm not advocating it at this stage) we need a coach who is primarily a 'tactician' - and I don't see any other option than to look abroad.

Anonymous said...

curbishly for me is the best of a very short/bad list of available & realistic alternatives. Forget for a moment the mid-table finishes and end of season failed European challenges (which I and most 40-something Blues would grab with both hands), he has dragged a bankrupt club with no stadium into premiership security and I for one see that as a significant achievement.

Anonymous said...

Pearce has very little left to stand on. This West Ham game is critical because of the looming international break. He needs a result in the worst way.

Christof said...

Curbishley has never won anything, and never come close. His teams always start the season well, and then nose-dive after christmas. They also always go out of the cups at the first hurdle. He's also had a reasonable amount of money to spend in recent years. If we are going to replace Pearce, at give him until christmas, then get a proven manager Craig Burley has had one bad season at Ipswich, apart from that, he's worked wonders are both Ipswich and Hearts, othrwise get someone with a true passion for the club - a certain Mr Rosler is doing fairly well at Lillestrom.

Kinkladze said...

The next 3 games will be a major test for Pearce. If he loses all 3 then I think the board will get rid. I would like to give Pearce more time as he is defo one of the good guys who cares about the club. The only problem I have is why spend £6 million on an unproven Greek u21 striker when we had next to no money. He bought great last summer in the purchase of cole and vassel at bargin prices but blew far too much money on one player 6 months later. With that money we could of got that player maker we need and a resonable striker. If we do get rid of Pearce maybe Dave Jones? Has got a good record and is working miracles at Cardiff. Wouldnt want Curb.

Anonymous said...

chesterfield are the best i av supported them all my life and man city......can we play u every week plzzzz loserz.