Sunday, April 09, 2006

Tottenham 2 City 1.

Despite last weeks public shellacking by Stuart Pearce, there can't have been too many Blues who approached yesterday's game with much confidence or optimism.

Facing a Tottenham side looking to rebound from the previous weeks setback to their Champions League hopes, we were coming off a four game Premiership losing streak and away form which would shame Sunderland.

As Guy summed up quite well in The Observer; 'I thought there was more chance of Red Rum winning the National than City getting three points'.

Pearce chopped the midfield around, with only Sinclair remaining from the horror show of last week but without the form of James it could (and should) have been more but credit is perhaps due to the side for battling away and actually getting a foothold back into the game when most must have considered heading for the exits.

Whilst we were on our impressive streak at home, it seemed to paper over the cracks of the loss of form on our travels and at least led to some confidence in the side. It seems that all hope of any positive finish to the season has now evaporated and we are trying to take positives such as a 'spirited display' and 'improvement on last week' from the game as opposed to any tangible pluses.

Our recent woes have also led to the first rumblings about Pearce's management with one post match phone-in call stating he was the worst manager we've had since Frank Clark.

I certainly don't subscribe to that theory and I think Pearce posseses the qualities and skills to take us forward, but his honeymoon period has now long gone and this is the first time he has been tested and needs to provide answers to the questions being posed as there is no doubt that the on field problems are leading to a degree of off field disillusionment (as is the theme throughout the latest issue of City 'Til I Cry at the moment.

If the remaining five games go the same way of the last five games then perhaps everyone will be glad of the distraction of The World Cup.

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Anonymous said...

hello im a spurs fan and was at the game yesterday - have 2 say i think pearce is the right man for the job and given money to spend he could get city up the table again. i do disagree with him about the two goal keepers though yeah he is a gr8 shot stopper but he does tend to go awol! had a good game though yesterday but robbo is more consistant - i thought samaras looked useful and u got some good youth comin through. SWP should never he left !

Anonymous said...

I think we are seeing that for some players motivation consists of promotion, relegation or a new contract e.g. Nicky Summerbee of old, for some it is pride in performance e.g. Psycho himself. Those found wanting will be eased out when possible so roll on the summer "clarification"

MARKF said...

I thought city were poo. they look weak all over the pitch.there is not one city player i would like in my team or even sitting on the bench. a final league position of around tenth would be good enough for them i feel. spurs played some nice football , but need to take there chances if they are to finish fourth. i think they will finish fith on goal difference and come to regret the dropped points at sunderland

Anonymous said...

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Blue said...

Thought leaving Riera out was harsh as he'd been one of the few 'tryers' last week. Did well when he came on. One encouraging thing - Micah providing some real drive from midfield. He was lucky not to get his orders for stupidity, but the ref also realised he's young, and the rollicking probably did him more good than the second card. Jamoe was brilliant. OK - you can say he let himself down with his moment of aberration - but why on earth do we keep putting him under senseless pressure with stupid back passes? Seems that the defence are too lazy to pick out a man upfield. Same with our clearances. All the teams we play get the ball to one of their players when making a clearance. We just hoof it, and opposing midfields jump on the chances with glee. Most of the goals against us come from bad clearances.