Thursday, January 28, 2010

The end for Robinho?

Official confirmation of the move:
The Club can confirm that it has reached agreement with Santos for Robinho to join them on a six-month loan. The agreement takes immediate effect and ends on August 4.

Santos will assume all of the player's contract terms, including wages and bonuses. Robinho will travel to Brazil on Sunday to begin his loan period.

Manager Roberto Mancini said: "Robinho is someone who needs to be playing regularly and we wish him well for the period of his loan."

Perhaps the only surprise coming out of this is the sentance; "Santos will assume all of the player's contract terms, including wages and bonuses" as it initially appeared that we would still be on the hook for the majority of Robinho's wages. Reports of having first option on promising youngsters has been suggested and it would be interesting to look at exactly how Santos are funding his contract given the fact Brazilian clubs - despite the presence of Ronaldo, Adriano and Roberto Carlos - have nowhere the resources to match their European counterparts.

Judging by the thread on the MEN story of the move it has really polarised fans and likewise with the poll here on Bitter and Blue. The most talented since Kinkladze or a complete dud?

His early days at the club were headline-grabbing from the moment he arrived on deadline day in August 2008. A goal on debut against Chelsea and individual moments of quality were the theme and a hero was born. As the winter closed in though, so did his early form. A loss of form coincided with poor results and the pressure grew on Mark Hughes. Away games brought new lows and the criticism grew as his effectiveness dwindled and reports of a rift between him and Hughes surfaced.

The 2009/10 season began and it was clear that Robinho was no longer first choice for Hughes. Struggling to regain the highs of the previous year, he spent time on the bench and on the rare opportunities he had was ineffective and perhaps most criminal for City fans, appeared not to have the required desire. After coming back from injury, he had a couple of opportunities under Roberto Mancini, who talked of him being an important player.

The nadir was perhaps reached though during the 2-0 defeat at Everton, when having been introduced as an early substitute for the injured Roque Santa Cruz, he suffered the indignity of being himself substituted later in the game. How the media pounced. With rumours of a move to Brazil surfacing, he was left out of the squad for the trip to United this week before the loan deal was announced this afternoon.

World Cup year or not, what Robinho needs is a consistent run of games to get himself back in the shape and form that he was in over the first half of last season, when he was a genuine game changing player and proved the undoubted quality that he has. The difficulty this season as opposed to last is given the strengthening of the squad in the attacking positions there is very little scope for him to get the opportunity for a consistent run. Last season of course, there was no Martin Petrov to challenge on the left and Craig Bellamy only arrived at the end of January. Realistically, there is no way he beats either player out on current form, and it is inconceivable that would change between now and the end of the season.

I do view the situation as somewhat of a romantic in that to all but throw in the towel on a player who is a real game changer and as captivating to watch as Robinho is a real shame and cling to the hope that he can become an integral part of our push for success both over the remainder of 2009/10 and beyond.

Although it is a loan deal that has been agreed, it is difficult to see a future for him at the club. Had a side been willing to pay a suitable fee to facilitate a permanent move, it is certain that a transfer would have been agreed. As it stands, on August 4th he is slated to return to Manchester yet will surely never pull on the blue shirt again.

As much as the hope is he could somehow come back revitalised and ready for 2010/11, unfortunately the history of football is littered with big name high profile examples of players at clubs who, for one reason or another, just failed to make it work.

It now appears that the name of Robinho will be the next to join that list.

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thomas said...

He's a coward!

Anonymous said...

I dissagree. Robi doesn't need a good run of games to get back his form what he needs is to develope a good work ethic and start working hard both on the training pitcha nd on the playing pitch. He quickly became a lazy turd in games. He was fading tot he outside and just not engaging when he was suppose to be the pivotal playing int he squad, the creator. That is the way he played at the begining in 2008. Then like you siad his form steadily dropped. As the other players came into game shape/game form, robi lost his advantage which was solely created by his vast natural talent. to stay on top of his game and be dominant, he needed to work hard on his technical, tactical and physical parts of his game, so that he would not only be one of the best, but THE BEST. He could still be the best to ever play but his window is running out. He needs to get over himself and start wroking for the accolades he thinks he so rightly deserves. Robi, get off your arse and start working your arse off. you can be the best but not by thinking you deserve it.... Work like Tevez, work like Ireland and I would say it is then assured.

Blue Phoenix - Moving on up! said...

I will point you all to the way in which he left Real Madrid. The name of their manager at the time has deserted me but it is safe to say he mentioned that Robby wasn't right in the head. A statement I thought to be most unusual at the time so much so I didn't question it's validity but it explained it away as a bad relationship vibe going on there that made him that way.

Having witnessed his upsurge and drastic downfall last year until the present time I have come to the conclusion that he will never be the greatest player in the world as he lacks the motivation to achieve it and his undoubted new found ability when he joins Santos will last but only a few months before he once again takes his eye off the ball and starts crying like a little girl again.

Some City fans respect him for starting off the City revolution but personally I don't as he has been paid very handsomely thank you very much I hear him chirp for not doing very much.

Compare him to Tevez and you wuill decide there is no comparison.

Tevez will always put a shift in and will battle and will never take his eye off he ball.

No more lazy bad attitude brazilians for me but give me some more hard working determined players in my team and yes I will also take the hard working brazilians too.

Robinho I have to say good riddance and I feel you have disrespected our club and our fans and two of our managers and for me that just isn't on.

Anonymous said...

Dear Friend's
Sinto, que vc's não entendam o jogador brasileiro,suas naturalidades, perspectivas e necessidades.
Não condenem o Robinho...apenas procure entender a pessoa que por "divino" teve e tem um talento excepcional, inconfudível e extraordinário.
Talvez, vc's ingleses, não consigam, alcançar, o que é calor e expontaneidade e o "BEM" que isso gera ao ser humano.
Sei que ele volatará ao City e vc's ficarão felizes por isso.
Deixe-o aqui, no Brasil, por um tempo, e vamos recarrega-lo com o que ele precisa. E depois, vc's vão recebe-lo melhor do que " nunca imaginarão".
Forte abraço de uma amigo brasileiro e santista.

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