Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hughes on the Anfield point

“To be perfectly honest we are a little bit disappointed, because it was a game we felt quite comfortable in. We restricted them to very attempts on goal in the first half and we looked dangerous on the break.

“We got our noses in front but there is a sense of disappointment because there was an opportunity missed here today and I felt that Liverpool were there for the taking.

“I’m sure we’ll look back and view it as a good result because we are taking points off teams around us. That’s what we have to do, and it is only a matter of time before start winning again, because if we show the qualities we did today then it will happen. I was pleased with the general performance, we have switched off a couple of times but overall I thought it was a good display.”

>>Mark Hughes.

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Wigan Blue said...

"only a matter of time before we start winning" That's probably true as Hull at home is next up (although he could be going for a world record number of consecutive draws). The mental attitude he's instilled is all wrong - we aren't going out to win matches, we're going out not to lose them. We're gaining a lead, then trying to close the shutters and sit on it, but our defense isn't settled enough to be able to do that.

With the midfield and strikers we've got, all-out attack is our only sensible option at the moment. Yes, we may concede a few (although its hard for them to score against us when the ball's in their penalty area), but we can put that right as we go along. And even if we'd lost as many of the last six games as we'd won, we'd still have more points than we have now.

If we aren't careful, people are going to look back on last season and this as "the wasted years".