Monday, October 05, 2009

Leeds compensation agreed

From The Yorkshire Evening Post:

Leeds United have settled their dispute with Manchester City over the transfer of two 14-year-old players from Thorp Arch to Eastlands.
United were pursuing City for compensation after seeing teenagers George Swan and Louis Hutton leave their academy to move to Manchester earlier in the year, and the matter has been resolved through what the Elland Road club called an "amicable private agreement".

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newsoftheblues said...

i assume "amicable private agreement"
means two ferrets and the rights to garry cooks microbrewery...

Anonymous said...

No it means you thieving plastic mancs have been made to pay BIG style. So you nasely challenged council house scum will all have to pay a bit more through the turnstiles to make up for it
Best bit of all is Swans dad was a useless plank as a player so can't see any off spring of his ever making it!
Thanks once again for the money! LOL

Unknown said...

Once Leeds had phone record evidence the kids were tapped it was inevitable it would be settled out of court. Better than names being dragged through the mud and Chelsea style transfer embargo. The £2m package is small beer if any of the kids make it.

Anonymous said...


You poor little leeds chav. I am sure all your speculation is the truth in the dope-hazed world you inhabit 24 hours a day. Now; clean yourself up and go get a job you filthy little parasite.

tony c. said...

Anonymous lids fan = poor excuse for a human being.

Anonymous said...

no, no you sad plastic manc plank EVERY Manc is +to a poor excuse of a human being! LOL
As for the dope hazed world,not bad for you dopes from Moss side-drug infested council house scum of England! Lol
Do Mancs know what a job is??? Practice what you preach first! LOL